We have made our little company home in the heart of Kitsilano, serving the Greater Vancouver area for the past 15 years and serving more than 14,000 clients to date. Our passion for all things 'dog' has allowed us to expand and grow, pooling our knowledge and experience acquired from over a decade of teaching, competing and learning. As a result we have created a complete canine program: addressing needs from puppy hood through to educating the adolescent; providing solutions for aggression, fear and other behavioural issues; and teaching fun, sport-based classes for on-going development and confidence building.

We train positively with results in mind, helping people achieve a relationship with their dog based on understanding and clear communication. In our approach we focus on improving leadership, creating management strategies, and teaching all-essential obedience exercises and behavioural modification protocols - all designed to empower the dog and its person as they navigate through a complex urban world.

We compete with our own personal dogs in a variety of sports: agility, competitive obedience, tracking and rally-o. In our pursuit for excellence in these sports, we attend a multitude of seminars and classes each year to improve our training skills and knowledge base, both on a personal and professional level - everything from behavioural modification, to competitive training, sports psychology and canine sport rehab/physical fitness.




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