Wannahave Outrageous Orange "Tell"
Born: June 8, 2015

I was very fortunate to get this special little boy from the respected Wannahave Border Collie Kennel in the Netherlands and the wonderful breeder Patries Briede. The Wannahave dogs have a great reputation across Europe for being fantastic agility and flyball sport dogs.  Healthy and fast, the Wannahave dogs have a very unique "type" and a big fan base and I am beyond lucky to now share my life with one! Tell is one of eight puppies in the "Crayons" litter and is being trained in agility.  He is both brilliant and fast and my family adores him to pieces.  This page for Tell will grow as our journey together unfolds.  It promises to be a grand adventure.  I thank Patries for trusting me with this special little dog - the first Wannahave to come to Canada!

Tell at 7 months doing tricks:


Tell at 13 months doing agility foundation:


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