Our Day Training programs are a fantastic solution for busy people who need assistance in kick-starting a new training program for struggling dogs, or supplementing an existing one!



This behavioural modification program is designed for dogs who display on-leash reactivity to environmental triggers.
Clients choose between a single week or multiple week packages, consisting of three walks per week: two walks where we work with the client's dog individually and a third walk incorporating the client and the skills focused on in the previous sessions.  In this program we implement: effective management strategies, practical obedience skills, arousal protocols, and critical behavioural modification exercises that include counter-conditioning and desensitization. This specialized program is designed to teach the dog alternate ways of coping with stress and learning to stay below threshold and neutral to the environment.  Please note: this program is not for human aggressive dogs.

Each week consists of two 50-minute solo training sessions and a third 70-minute session that includes the client.  We may also cover other specific exercises and lifestyle changes that contribute to the dog's mental wellness and compliment the behavioural modification protocols we put in place. Sessions come with video and written explanation where applicable.

1 week program (3 private sessions) is $320 + gst
2 weeks (6 private sessions) is $590 + gst
3 weeks (9 private sessioins) is $860 + gst


50 minute training walks are available for non-reactive dogs needing a refresher in leash manners and basic street skills.  This program is restricted to the west side of Vancouver.

Training walks are $75+gst and can be set up at the client's convenience throughout the week, excluding weekends and evenings. Follow-up video and written explanation is provided where applicable to exercises worked on in the session. Package pricing is available.


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