Our Growl program is a thorough blend of private lessons and group classes, designed to give struggling dogs the help they need to better cope with their urban world, regardless of the issues they face.



For worked up and stressed out dogs!  Part one of this course tackles the difficult subject of fear and reactivity through personal coaching sessions that explore factors contributing to a dog's mental health and how to make changes for the better. Clients learn how to use marker training, management, counter-conditioning and desensitization techniques, and tailored protocols to calm and re-connect their dog around triggers. Our course work draws primarily from behaviourists Brenda Aloff and Sarah Stremming.

This two-lesson course begins with a 90 minute behavioural consultation, working on a desensitization and counter-conditioning protocol suitable for your dog’s specific issues. Lifestyle changes (including diet, management, exercise and enrichment) also are explored in completing this mental wellness session. An hour follow-up training session then works on the exercises outside around your dog’s specific triggers. Cost is $290+gst. Any additional hourly training lessons are discounted to $90+gst. This course can be set up at any time and is open to all dogs struggling with reactivity, over-arousal and fear-based behaviours.


Students with dog-reactive dogs who complete the private course work then have the opportunity to join us in the Growl Group classes, designed to carry on with the counter-conditioning and desensitization exercises in a group setting. These classes will challenge both dog and student in a safe and structured environment.

Contact us for the next course. Please note, our next Growl Group course will be starting up in April, TBA.

This five week course is limited to six dog/student teams and is held outdoors in Kitsilano.
Cost is $175+gst
This course is for dog-to-dog reactivity.
Please contact k9@zendogtraining.com for registration details.


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