MOTCh ATCh Mila von Grunheide TD RA MScDC HIC
Born: November 6, 2007

Mila is my current competition dog and in her I am blessed with boundless enthusiasm and great heart. We train and compete in three different sports - competitive obedience, agility and tracking. She is both honest and consistent, and I treasure our partnership.  Mila is an absolute joy to train and she has inspired many goals in me.

If we listen, our dogs will always be our best teachers. Because of Mila my training paradigm has branched out greatly to new sports, trainers and ideas.  She has taught me that limitations are only in the mind and to never give up - to persevere and to believe.  In doing so, we've reached the dreams we've chased together! I give thanks to Suzanne Eviston and Von Grunheide Shepherds for this little girl, for she truly is special.

  • #1 German Shepherd Dog, and #4 Herding group in competitive obedience in Canada in 2013
  • 2016 BC/YUKON 22 inch Vets Regional Agility Champion
  • #3 ranked Canadian agility dog, 22 inch Vets, at 2015 Nationals
  • #3 German Shepherd Dog in competitive obedience in Canada in 2012
  • Multiple High in Class and High in Trial wins
  • Master Obedience Trial Champion (MOTCh)
  • Agility Trial Champion (ATCh)
  • Tracking Dog (TD) 
  • Expert Bronze Standard
  • Expert Bronze Steeplechase
  • Rally Advanced (RA)
  • Herding Instinct Certified (HIC)