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Frequently Asked Questions


    Payment for classes and private lessons can be made through etransfer to our business email:  k9@zendogtraining.com  No password required.

    Payment must be received before the first class starts. 

    If you don’t do etransfer, contact us for other payment options. 

    Payment for our Zen Puppy Kindergarten course is the only exception: all payments must be made to Simply Natural Raw Pet Foods. 
    They accept a variety of payment options.


    For training equipment we keep it simple and gentle!

    A basic collar and/or front clip harness (with a back clip option) and a standard leash. Depending on the training we are doing, leash length can be 6-8 feet for loose leash walking, and 20-30 feet for recall and distance training. 

    Another must-have is a treat pouch (or easily accessible way to get treats out) and a clicker. 

    Please no aversive collars, flexi or bungee leashes.


    We are committed to reinforcement-based training and follow protocols backed by the latest science on dog education and welfare.  That means we won’t use anything that causes fear or pain to your dog. 

    We use markers (verbal or clicker) to provide clarity and accelerated learning; and food, toy play and verbal/physical praise from the human to create and build desirable behaviours.

    We will show you how to move from a fixed to a variable reinforcement schedule as your training progresses but most importantly, we teach you HOW to be a reinforcement-minded person for the lifetime of your dog. Reinforcement builds and maintains behaviour for all learners!


    Most of our private packages and some of our group classes start with a zoom session because this is our opportunity to train you! Here we get to “teach the teacher.”

    The Zoom is to help you understand how to set up a training session; how to use a marker (and why markers are important); how reinforcement works for your dog; how diet, management, exercise, and enrichment all affect behaviour and learning.

    Learning all this theory tends to go best in the quiet of the learner’s home!


    Our private lessons run anywhere from 60 – 75 minutes, depending on the session(s) you have purchased.  In that time, you have us all to yourself!

    We focus on the specific issues and goals before you, and together we come up with creative strategies and exercises to reach those goals and resolve those issues.  Each lesson is followed with an email covering the exercises and topics we covered in the form of videos, written material, relevant podcasts, diagrams and lesson plans – all designed to keep you on track and to refer back to at your leisure.

    You are encouraged to call and email with your questions as you start your training journey with us.  Your one hour lesson with us is packed with weeks of practice ahead!

    For your private lesson, we either come to you or have you meet us at a location appropriate for what we are focusing on in that lesson. 
    There is a $25 travel charge per lesson for private clients outside of Vancouver. 


    A group class environment is an affordable way to better understand dog training and the exercises that are applicable to today’s urban dog or puppy.  Each class runs for one hour and follows a set curriculum of topics, supplemented with a lesson plan emailed to each student before that week’s class.

    Except for our Skills and Drills Power Hour class and Sunday Morning Walking Club (which are biggies!), we keep our class size small: 5-6 handler/dog teams per class.  This ensures you get quality individual attention from your instructor!

    Our classes typically run 5-6 weeks in length and there is opportunity to progress to the next level for students keen to move up.  Our group classes feature a number of weekly exercises that are game-based, practical and fun so that you have homework for the week ahead.


    We respect that life is full of twists and turns and we will do our best to accommodate a change to your plans. If you need to move a private lesson to another day, we simply ask for 24 hour notice, otherwise the fees for that lesson are lost. 

    There are no refunds for partial private packages once a lesson has been taken.

    For group class refunds, because we keep our courses small, with a wait list, we require five days’ notice so we have the opportunity to fill your spot.  Once a class has started, there is no refund. 

    There is a $10 administration fee for all refunds.

    We are open to transferring payment to other training services if you feel the course you have signed up for is not suitable for your dog.  Get a hold of us and we can talk!

What do Dog Owners think?


We have learned so much with Zen Dog, so happily. The classes are effective, with an outstanding trainer (Shannon) guiding our dogs to learn very happily. Everything is based on positive reinforcement and it all works so well. You will enjoy the training and your dog will thrive.Our Aussie Mountain Doodle puppy came home at 5 months. She is our first dog so we were a bit anxious about how to get it right. We quickly gained confidence with the Zen Dog JumpStart programme. It was astonishing on the first day to find that Indy could do so much already... when Shannon worked with her. Then we took over and things fell apart. It dawned on us that Shannon was actually training us, not the puppy! We applied ourselves, began guiding Indy better, and saw really rewarding results. Grade 1 was a great experience, too. We have made notable progress and, most importantly, now have considerable confidence as to how to proceed. We'll be back for Grade 2 with Zen dogs!


Many of my dogs have benefited from attending classes with Shannon. Her experience, expertise and passion for creating a partnership with your dog is evident in every step. I’ve brought dogs and puppies with varying experiences and all have shown marked improvements in being good dog citizens. I would highly encourage someone looking to develop a great relationship with their new puppy or dog to explore the many options and opportunities provided by Shannon.


I’ve adopted and fostered multiple dogs in the past 20 years and taken them all to training classes, from many different companies. Shannon and Zendog are by far the best. Shannon’s decades of experience and incredible talent as a coach and dog trainer make her classes a joy to take. I learn so much every time and I know I can trust Shannon to meet every dog and handler wherever we are. She leaves nobody behind, provides twice ad much information as any other classes I’ve taken, and somehow ensures neither dogs nor humans get bored. I’ve done everything from puppy classes to advanced obedience to reactive dog classes to private lessons with Shannon, and referred many friends there over the years. Shannon gives an outstanding experience and excellent value every single class. It is especially important to get early training and socialization right with young puppies, and Shannon’s puppy classes are by far the safest and best place I've found to make sure that happens.


I met Shannon when I was in desperate need of a trainer to help my reactive GSD get over himself. Shannon helped him and, more importantly, helped me to deal with him. She has taught me so much about the many roads you can take to develop a mutually fabulous relationship with your dog. I can't say enough good things about her and Zen Dog.


We have been working with Shannon and Jen at Zen dogs for over 7 years. It started with our highly dog reactive female GSD, Ebony. With private sessions, group classes, nosework class , and sessions of growl class we have a handle on this tough girl ( who is a sweetheart with people, children, bunnies, cats, coyotes! just not dogs). The packs walks worked amazing with Ebony. Four years ago I wanted to get another dog to be able to work with in competitive obedience. With Shannon's help I was able to add an 8 1/2 week old GSD puppy who has now just turned 4. The fear was we would duplicate the issues Ebony had but with careful work and attending classes with Moody this has not happened. Moody is a graduate of Zen Dog kindergarden, level one, nuts and bolts, circuit class, tracking class. Of course we still attend the pack walks. We know how to manage Ebony keeping her comfortable and Moody is a balanced happy boy who loves to work. Highly recomend Zen dogs, it will work for you as long as you listen to the trainers and put in the work.


My dog Leela and I had so much fun at Shannon’s Rally-O classes. We started with no previous experience and within 4 classes we were able to complete an advanced course off leash! Shannon is a phenomenal positive trainer, very knowledgable and patient with doggies and humans alike. Highly recommend!


I cannot say enough good about Zen Dog and especially Shannon. Anyone who registers with Zen will not be disappointed!!!😊


Superb advice, delivered in a patient and easy to understand way! We gained a great deal from the classes and the advice and our relationship with our puppy is many times better for Shannon’s expertise. And we and the puppy know stuff now!


Shannon is the best trainer there is! Just finished the second series of classes and it’s truly amazing! Also have done some private training sessions at home with her as well. She uses positive reinforcement snd it’s so astounding what you can get your puppy to do with her showing you what to do! What a difference an amazing trainer makes!!!


I have been taking my two dogs to classes with Shannon and the other great trainers at Zeno Dog for a couple of years and am loving it. We are currently enrolled in the Nuts and Bolts class with Shannon. Her classes are challenging, and she makes you work, but her program is creative , practically helpful and very fun. One of the things that makes Shannon such an engaging teacher is that she is constantly taking courses and incorporating new ideas into her teaching. There is nothing stale or repetitive about Zen Dog! One of my dogs could be reactive towards other dogs but has done so well in Shannon's classes. It makes me proud to see her so focussed and relaxed around other dogs. I think that we were so busy and concentrating so hard during class that my dog forgot to worry about other dogs and I forgot to worry about her. At the end of the day, I leave Shannon's classes with tired and content dogs and a really great feeling about my relationship with them. I highly recommend Zen Dog.


I had the opportunity to take puppy kindergarten classes with Shannon several years ago with my border collie Savvy. The class was well structured and the content was very informative. We got to learn basic obedience, tricks, even a little obstacle course all while interacting carefully with other puppies. We learned about nutrition and grooming and got some cool goody bags. Would definitely recommend this class!! I actually drove over an hour from Langley to attend this class every week and it was well worth it!!


Wonderful positive reinforcement instructor. I have taken puppy classes and all the way to rally obedience with Shannon and my pup and I have enjoyed it so much!