Zen Dog's Downtown Private Dog Training

You have our undivided attention.

Navigating the urban jungle of Downtown doesn’t have to be a solo journey for you and your canine companion. We understand that the bustling city life doesn’t always play nice with group classes. The thought of weaving through traffic to make it on time, the commitment to a rigid schedule, or the concern that your furry friend might not thrive in a pack setting could be overwhelming. Perhaps your pooch has quirks that are as unique as the Downtown skyline, or you’re looking to turn training into a family affair. We’ve pondered over every possibility. The truth is, magic happens in the one-on-one moments we share with our clients.

Private Dog Coaching Within Downtown

Our tailor-made coaching sessions are your golden ticket to achieving your training aspirations without being boxed into a standard curriculum. It’s just you, your dog, and us, diving deep into our treasure trove of 25 years’ experience and creativity to fashion a training plan as distinctive as your Downtown lifestyle.

Zoom Dog Training Sessions

Sometimes, the key to unlocking your dog’s potential is a hearty discussion on a complex topic, where advice, management techniques, and behavior modification plans align in perfect harmony. For the challenges that require more than a “sit” or “stay,” our Zoom sessions stand ready. Schedule an hour of insight at your convenience, and let’s dissect those pressing questions.

Single Private Dog Training Sessions

Got a training puzzle that’s been bugging you, or a simple behavioral riddle that needs solving? Our 75-minute sessions are perfect for tackling quick queries with precision. Every private lesson comes with a follow-up email brimming with homework, notes, and resources. Plus, a week of phone and email support is all yours, encouraging you to reach out.

The Three Lesson Private Dog Training Package

Designed for Downtown dwellers with a concise list of goals or a complex behavioral knot to untangle, this package is a fan favorite! Dive into an intensive one-month training voyage, armed with exercises that promise a brighter future for your pup. Starting with a Zoom session to lay the groundwork, we then bring the training to your doorstep or a Downtown spot that suits our weekly objectives.

The Five Lesson Private Dog Training Package

Ideal for first-time dog owners or those welcoming a new furry member into their Downtown abode, this package offers a robust two-month training regimen. Starting with a virtual overview, we map out a plan that evolves through five personalized sessions. Your journey towards a harmonious relationship with your dog is meticulously crafted, supporting a lifetime of learning.

The Eight Lesson Private Dog Training Package

Our pièce de résistance, this package is a deep dive into the art and science of dog training, promising a transformation worthy of Downtown’s dazzling landscape. Over three months, we embark on a creative expedition to sculpt the perfect training plan, touching on every facet of your dog’s life. From behavior modification to wellness, emerge with an unshakeable bond and the tools to thrive together in the urban sprawl.

In all our packages, the journey begins with a Zoom exploration into your dog’s world, followed by in-person sessions in your neighborhood or a chosen Downtown locale. Each step is a building block, designed to elevate your training experience and enrich your life with your four-legged best friend.