Zen Dog's Kitsilano Private Dog Training

You have our undivided attention.

Private Dog Coaching Within Kitsilano

Not every paw-parent in Kitsilano is cut out for the hustle and bustle of group classes. We get it. The thought of battling rush hour just to sit in a circle with other frazzled owners might not be your cup of kibble. Maybe your fur baby thrives in a more serene setting, or perhaps you have a training challenge that’s as unique as your dog’s personality. That’s where our one-on-one coaching shines – it’s just you, your pooch, and a training plan as unique as a snowflake in a dog’s fur.

Zoom Dog Training Sessions

Sometimes, a digital nudge in the right direction is all it takes to turn your “baby shark” into a well-mannered pup. Our Zoom sessions dive deep into the nitty-gritty of dog behavior, dishing out sage advice, management magic, and behavior modification strategies that hit the mark. Whether you’re dealing with a “backyard excavator” or a “Tasmanian devil on-leash,” these one-hour powwows can set the stage for transformation.

Single Private Dog Training Sessions

Got a specific question that’s been gnawing at you like a bone? Our 75-minute one-on-one sessions are perfect for tackling those “Teenage Tyrant” moments or simple queries that need a professional’s eye. Post-session, you’ll receive a treasure trove of follow-up notes and resources, plus a week of support via phone and email, ensuring you’re not left barking up the wrong tree.

The Three Lesson Private Dog Training Package

Designed for the Kitsilano dog owner with a concise goal or a tricky behavior that’s been harder to shake off than a wet dog, this package offers a tailored training plan with a one-month support system. Kick things off with a Zoom session to dig into your dog’s history and carve out a training plan, then build on your progress with two in-person sessions that turn your “chaos on four legs” into “perfection on a leash.”

The Five Lesson Private Dog Training Package

For those with a wider training horizon or new dog parents eager to start on the right paw, this longer engagement offers a two-month deep dive into doggy discipline and delight. We begin with a Zoom session to map out your dog’s background and behavioral blueprints, then progressively refine and enhance your skills over four in-person sessions. It’s a journey from “what the fluff?” to “wow, fetch!”

The Eight Lesson Private Dog Training Package

The crème de la crème of our training offerings, this comprehensive package is a deep dive into the art and science of living your best life with your furry best friend. Over three months, we’ll tailor an intricate training plan that covers every wag, woof, and whimper. From the initial Zoom consultation to the seven personalized sessions that follow, Kitsilano clients will emerge with a profound understanding of their dog’s needs and how to meet them head-on, turning every day into a “tail-wagging” adventure.

In all our private lesson packages, we start with a Zoom rendezvous to peel back the layers of your dog’s behavior, followed by hands-on sessions that breathe life into your training goals. Whether at home or a dog-friendly locale in Kitsilano, we’re here to guide you from “puppy pandemonium” to “serene sidekick.”