Zen Dog's Marpole Private Dog Training

You have our undivided attention.

Group classes don’t always hit the mark for everyone in Marpole. We get that. Ditching the hassle of snarling traffic, locking into a rigid class schedule, or fretting over how your furry friend might fare in a pack setting – private coaching sweeps those worries off the table. Maybe you’re juggling a unique set of challenges or have a training wish that’s tailored to your den and daily grind. Certain pups thrive in the zen of a calm setting, and sometimes, it’s all about getting the whole pack involved in the learning fiesta.

With all this in mind, we’ve sculpted our offerings. The cream of the crop of our expertise shines in those cozy, one-on-one encounters.

Private Dog Coaching Within Marpole

Our tailor-made coaching sessions let you chase after your training dreams without being shackled to a one-size-fits-all syllabus. You nab our undivided attention – for as long as you need it – while we unleash our 25 years of know-how and ingenuity to craft a training voyage as distinctive as your paw pal.

Zoom Dog Training Sessions

Sometimes, a deep dive into a topic with solid advice, savvy management tricks, and a sprinkle of behavioural magic is just what the dogtor ordered. For the nitty-gritty that strays from the basic “sit, down, stay, come,” Zoom is your golden ticket! These hour-long powwows can be scheduled whenever suits your clock.

Single Private Dog Training Sessions

Got a hot potato of a training question or a simple behaviour hiccup that needs an expert eye? These 75-minute quick-fix sessions are your go-to for straightforward guidance. As with all our private rendezvous, you’ll receive a follow-up email brimming with homework notes and resources for the road ahead. Plus, a week of phone and email support is on the house, cheering you on.

The Three Lesson Private Dog Training Package

Perfect for the Marpole resident with a concise wish list or a thorny behavioural knot needing a bespoke untangling plan and a dash of short-term backing. This fan-favorite package gifts you an intense one-month training blueprint and exercises that promise to evolve with your dog.

Kickstarting with a Zoom hour, we delve into your dog’s backstory, dissect daily routines influencing their conduct, debate over management tactics, gear, and the science of learning, before laying down a homework plan of foundational drills. These exercises blossom in the ensuing two sessions, taking place right at your doorstep or in a locale fitting the week’s training mission.

The Five Lesson Private Dog Training Package

A godsend for first-timers or fresh pawrents to a furball, needing an exhaustive training manual for a flying start. Over two months, this package lays out an intensive training regime and personal coaching, embedding essential skills into your daily life.

We embark with a Zoom hour to uncover your dog’s past, scrutinize day-to-day actions affecting their behavior, mull over management strategies, tools, and learning theory, and then sketch out a homework plan brimming with foundational exercises. These drills get a boost in the next four sessions, conducted at your home/turf or wherever suits the week’s training theme.

The Eight Lesson Private Dog Training Package

A grand voyage into the realm of dog training and wellness, this premier package is the ultimate commitment to molding your furry companion’s behavior for the better. Over three months, we go all out with creativity and decades of expertise to conjure the ultimate personalized training saga for you and your four-legged sidekick.

Like all our packages, the journey begins with a Zoom hour to piece together your dog’s narrative, analyze everyday behaviors, hash out management strategies, gear, and the nuts and bolts of learning theory, before drafting a homework plan studded with foundational exercises. These exercises get fine-tuned in the next seven sessions, set against the backdrop of your home/neighborhood or any spot that fits the bill for the week’s training goals.