Zen Dog's Point Grey Private Dog Training

You have our undivided attention.

Group classes aren’t the perfect fit for every soul in Point Grey. We totally get that. Private coaching eliminates the headache of wrestling with traffic to make it to class on time, locking into a several-week commitment at the same hour and day, or fretting over whether your pup will flourish or flounder in a group setting. Perhaps your training conundrum is as unique as a snowflake, tailored to your home and lifestyle. Some pups thrive in the serene embrace of a familiar environment, and certain clients wish to bring the whole pack—family included—into the learning fold.

We’ve mulled over every angle. Truly, the magic happens when we dive into the training journey, just us and you.

Personal Dog Coaching Within Point Grey

Our bespoke coaching sessions let you laser-focus on your training ambitions without the constraints of a pre-set syllabus. You snag our undivided attention for the duration—no sharing required—and we get to sprinkle our 25 years of wisdom and inventiveness across your goals, crafting a strategy as distinctive as your pawed pal.

Zoom Dog Training Sessions

Some pearls of wisdom are best shared through a deep dive into a specific quandary, where sage advice, tactical management, and behavior adjustment strategies elegantly untangle the knot. For those nuances that stray from the garden-variety commands, Zoom is your golden ticket! These one-hour consultations can be scheduled whenever inspiration—or desperation—strikes.

Single Private Dog Training Sessions

Got a pressing query on a particular training pickle or a straightforward behavioral hiccup needing a professional once-over? Our single 75-minute sessions are just the ticket for quick fixes needing just a nudge in the right direction. As with all our private offerings, you’ll receive a follow-up email brimming with homework, notes, and resources for the road ahead. A week of follow-up phone and email support is on the house, because we’re rooting for you.

The Three Lesson Private Dog Training Package

Tailored for clients juggling a compact list of aims or wrestling with a stubborn behavioral gremlin demanding a bespoke strategy and short-term backup, this package is the crowd-pleaser! Point Grey dwellers embark on a one-month intensive training crusade, armed with exercises to weave into their dog’s tapestry of skills.

We kick things off with a Zoom pow-wow, delving into your dog’s backstory, dissecting daily routines that feed into your furry friend’s antics, brainstorming management tactics, discussing gear and the science of learning, before laying the groundwork with a batch of homework exercises. We then build on this foundation in the next two lessons, either at your castle and its surroundings or at a spot that suits the week’s training agenda.

The Five Lesson Private Dog Training Package

For those with a broader spectrum of training ambitions needing a longer leash of support! Ideal for rookie dog owners or fresh-faced adoptions craving a comprehensive training roadmap for a flying start. In our five-lesson extravaganza, clients receive a two-month intensive training blueprint and one-on-one coaching to embed new tricks into their repertoire.

The adventure begins with a Zoom session to unravel your dog’s history, analyze daily life influences on behavior, chat about management strategies, gear, and learning principles, and then sketch out a training plan of foundational exercises as homework. We expand on these exercises over the next four lessons, in your home/neighborhood or a location that meshes with the week’s training targets.

The Eight Lesson Private Dog Training Package

This is the ultimate commitment to your dog’s long-term behavior, training, and overall bliss—a veritable odyssey! Here, we unleash our creativity and decades of know-how to tailor the quintessential training scheme for you and your furry confidant, addressing every aspect of leading a joyous life together. With three months of guidance, support, and meticulously planned lessons, Point Grey residents will emerge with a profound connection to their dog’s needs, mastering the art of establishing and nurturing new behaviors, troubleshooting behavioral quirks, and unlocking the best versions of themselves and their dogs.

As is tradition with our private lesson packages, we begin with a Zoom consultation to pore over your dog’s saga, scrutinize daily activities influencing behavior, cover management tactics, equipment, and the mechanics of learning, before drafting a training regimen of foundational exercises as homework. We then reinforce these exercises over the next seven lessons, either at your domicile/neighborhood or a venue that aligns with the week’s training objectives, there to guide you from “puppy pandemonium” to “serene sidekick.”