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As puppies grow out of the socialization window, ending at 16 weeks, learning challenges shift to the outdoors. For many people this stage comes with frustration and confusion as they have seemingly “lost” their adorable puppy, and they are not sure what next steps are needed. The bigger world can seem almost overwhelming as the environment is no longer controllable and this affects learning!

With distractions all around, and a heightened interest in the environment, puppies require a shift in their guidance and a renewed training plan to support the next phase of learning. Emphasis needs to include leash skills, early recall training, toy play for engagement, coping with distractions, and impulse control around other people, dogs and animals.

The Zen Dog Approach

Building on the concepts taught in the previous course, our second-level group class shifts from socialization to skills-building. Zen Puppy Grade One focuses on working around distractions, targeting and shaping games, obedience foundation, loose leash walking, puppy recall games, and toy/play skills. Packed with age-appropriate exercises, Puppy Grade One will give you and your emerging senior puppy a wide range of life skills that you can develop over the next several months.

This five-week course is designed for puppies 5 to 8 months of age. We keep the class size to 6 puppy/handler teams.

Either our Zen Puppy Kindergarten or Zen Puppy Jump Start is a requirement to enroll in this course.


The next course starts June 8th, at 9:00 am to 10:00 am.

Cost is $230+gst

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