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Most people are not fully prepared or understand adolescence in their puppy, but everyone in this stage knows what it feels like. That perfect puppy who was making leaps and bounds in progress suddenly stops listening and often regresses in their skills. Behaviours that seemed adorable as a puppy are now annoying in this bigger puppy version. Suddenly training is no longer fun!

This is the age for a shift in approach. Like people, dogs learn best through the concept of game-based learning. Games and training in the form of games is what we do best and Zen Puppy Grade Two is all about relationship building and engagement through play and conceptual learning. There is nothing boring here – and our adolescent dogs will appreciate that!

The Zen Dog Approach

This course is built on park games you can play with your dog both indoors and outside on daily walks. Zen Puppy Grade Two is a fun and fast-paced four week course building on the exercises taught in Kindergarten, Jump Start and Grade One and it gives puppies more freedom to learn and develop a relationship with you while continuing to create environmental neutrality. We incorporate a variety of food and toy games to increase engagement, all the while building on impulse control, problem solving abilities and attention with distractions, while we challenge your puppy’s recall and leash skills. We primarily use a longer leash in this course to get puppies working further away from their human partner and preparing them for the off leash world.

This course is suitable for puppies under one year of age. We keep the class size to 6 puppy/hander teams.

Zen Puppy Grade One is a requirement to enroll in this course.


The next course starts July 13th, at Noon to 1pm

Cost is $185+gst

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