The Puppy Jump Start Training

Invest in your puppy's future with first-steps learning

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Committing to a group class is not everyone’s cup of tea. We get that. Driving through traffic, fitting a stretch of six week classes into a busy schedule, or missing the age cut-off for Kindergarten can make group classes seem unattainable for many people. Puppies, however, do not wait for convenience or availability. The best learning starts early; the earlier the better, in fact!

The Zen Dog Approach

We want to make sure you have the option and resources available to take charge of your puppy’s learning in a private setting. Our Zen Puppy Jump Start is our Kindergarten “crash course,” designed to give you the essentials for accelerated puppy learning so you can both learn from the comfort of your own home. Let us come to you with a thoughtfully created curriculum condensed into three private lessons, and get your puppy started off on the best paw possible.

Zen Puppy Jump Start is perfect for older puppies and their people who want to get in on the learning action. This private course covers our top puppy basics. The first session is held over Zoom and then we transition to two lessons in your home/neighbourhood. Zen Puppy Jump Start covers the fundamentals of marker training, practical and fun obedience skills, impulse control and boundary exercises, early leash and recall exercises, and toy/play basics. Jump Start comes with detailed homework to keep you both on track!

Appropriate for puppies up to 6 months of age.


Your course can be set up at any time.

Cost is $390+gst

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