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Helping you survive (and still love!) your adolescent dog

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Just when all things “puppy” start to settle, the smoke clears, and the human end of the leash catches their breath: the chewing is (mostly) over, the house training is complete, daily routines are established. Surprise! The teenager moves in.

Suddenly your once-adorable baby dog is regressing. You might be seeing reactivity for the first time; a lack of impulse control; a well-started recall has turned into a chase-me game; and all the lovely things you have taught now are met with a blank stare.

Welcome to adolescence.

The Zen Dog Approach

This private course is designed to support you with adolescent-specific exercises and tools as you navigate this stage of development in your puppy. Teenage Tyrants will give you the peace of mind that all things crazy will return to normal, as social maturity sets in. We will help you pivot your training and keep you on track so those emerging behaviours are not around for life.

In your first lesson, held over Zoom, you will get guidance on how to create better management strategies, bring in impulse control and focus exercises, review your current training plan and introduce the concept of games as a part of effective learning for young dogs. We then transition to two lessons in your home/neighbourhood and work on the areas you struggle most: be it outdoors with distractions or improved behaviour in the house.

Teenage Tyrants takes a big departure from traditional obedience training and is focused on creating that all important connection between you and your puppy. We create a plan that works for the both of you, based on where you are currently at in your training together.

You will receive follow up emails with homework notes and relevant materials and lesson plans for future reference. Phone call and email is support available and encouraged throughout the extent of the training package.

Travel charges apply outside of Vancouver.


Your course can be set up at any time.

Cost is $390+gst

for 3 one-hour sessions.

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