Teenage & Adult Dog Training

Hit the streets to socialize and build confidence around other dogs and people in our group walks.

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Many dogs lack confidence being around other dogs, especially in a larger group setting. While training is helpful for these dogs, getting out together in a neutral pack on a walk can work wonders. For other dogs, being in a group setting fills their happy cup to the brim! This class is for all such dogs – and their people.

Join us every month for a pack walk with fellow dog lovers through beautiful Vancouver. Our Sunday Morning Walking Club provides participating dogs and their people with a safe and structured social experience through on-leash parallel walks. This is the chance to take a break from training, get out together as a group and socialize, both human and dog.

Our one-hour group walks meet once a month, weather permitting, in the Vancouver area.

For each walk we choose a fun, dog-friendly location that makes for a good trek.


One-hour group walks.
Once per month.

Cost is $15 per dog

9:00 – 10:00am

Contact us to join the pack!

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