Reconnect with your worked up and stressed out dog.

When a dog reacts to triggers in his world, he mentally checks out. As his person, you might feel invisible at the moment your dog needs you most. Attempts you've made to distract and distance during an episode can be ineffective at best and in some cases, can make the problem worse. That disconnect you feel is a frightening and isolating experience. But it can be turned around.

Reactivity is often a dog's desperate attempt to create and control space. It can also stem from an impulsive frustration to get to something. We help you shift the narrative, so your dog looks to you for guidance and direction. We dive deep into the factors that contribute to your dog's mental health and teach you how to educate, manage, counter-condition and desensitize your dog in his challenging urban world.

Our extensive Growl program guides you through tailored protocols and exercises that calm and re-connect. Be ready for a good work out!

The Reactive Dog Training Services