Zen Dog's Strathcona Private Dog Training

You have our undivided attention.

Group classes aren’t the golden ticket for every pup parent in Strathcona. We get that. Ditch the hassle of battling traffic, marking your calendar for weeks on end for that exact day and time, and the fret over whether your four-legged friend will thrive or dive in a group setting. Maybe your fur baby has specific quirks or you’ve got a training dilemma that’s as unique as your dog’s personality. Some pooches blossom in the tranquility of their own turf, and hey, maybe you want the whole gang involved in this learning fiesta.

We’ve chewed over all these bones of contention. Truth be told, the crème de la crème of our work unfolds in those intimate, one-on-one rendezvous.

Private Dog Coaching Within Strathcona

Our bespoke coaching lets you zero in on your training aspirations without being shoehorned into a one-size-fits-none curriculum. It’s just you, your dog, and us – basking in the glow of our 25 years of dog-whispering wisdom, conjuring up a training concoction that’s as unique as your dog’s paw print.

Zoom Dog Training Sessions

Sometimes, the magic happens over a hearty chinwag on a specific head-scratcher, where sage advice, management master plans, and behaviour tweaking come together in a symphony of solutions. For those conundrums that leapfrog the basic “sit, down, stay, come,” Zoom is your trusty steed! These one-hour sessions are at your beck and call, whenever the time is ripe.

Single Private Dog Training Sessions

Got a burning query on a single training topic or a simple behavioural hiccup and yearn for an expert pair of eyes on your technique? These 75-minute nuggets of wisdom are perfect for those quick-fixes that need a dash of professional guidance. As with all our private sessions, a follow-up email loaded with homework, notes, and resources awaits, along with a week of phone call and email support to cheer you on.

The Three Lesson Private Dog Training Package

Tailored for those in Strathcona with a petite palette of goals or a knotty behavioural challenge demanding a bespoke action plan with a sprinkle of short-term support. This popular pick gifts you an intense one-month training strategy and support, embedding exercises into your dog’s repertoire for the long haul.

We kick things off with a Zoom pow-wow, diving into your dog’s backstory, dissecting daily routines that play into your pooch’s antics, mulling over management tactics, gear, and the science of learning, before setting the stage with foundational exercises as homework. We then add layers to these exercises in the subsequent two lessons, either at your cozy abode/neighborhood or a spot that fits the bill for that week’s training goals.

The Five Lesson Private Dog Training Package

For those with a wider spectrum of training ambitions needing a more extended hand-holding period! A godsend for rookie dog owners or fresh-faced adopted furballs in need of a comprehensive training roadmap for a stellar kickstart. Over two months, Strathcona clients receive an exhaustive training scheme and personalized coaching, planting the seeds for a flourishing dog-human partnership.

We embark on this journey with a Zoom session to peel back the layers of your dog’s history, analyze day-to-day activities influencing your dog’s behavior, discuss management strategies, tools, and the nuts and bolts of learning theory, before crafting a training blueprint brimming with foundational exercises as homework. We then build upon these exercises over the next four lessons, in the comfort of your home/neighborhood, or a locale that suits the week’s training agenda.

The Eight Lesson Private Dog Training Package

This is the crown jewel of dog training investments, focusing on your dog’s long-term behavior, training, and overall mojo. Here, we unleash our creativity and decades of expertise to whip up the ideal personalized training plan for you and your furball, exploring every nook and cranny of achieving blissful coexistence with your four-legged pal. With three months of guidance, support, and meticulously crafted lesson plans, Strathcona clients will emerge with a profound understanding of their dog’s needs, mastering the art of instilling and nurturing new behaviors, untangling behavioral knots, and presenting their dog with the best version of themselves.

Like all our private lessons, we start with a Zoom session to delve into your dog’s past, scrutinize daily routines that influence behavior, talk shop about management strategies, gear, and learning theory, before laying the groundwork with a set of foundational exercises as homework. We then build on these exercises over the next seven lessons, either at your place/neighborhood or a spot that’s just right for that week’s training mission, guiding you from “puppy pandemonium” to “serene sidekick.”