Zen Dog's Kerrisdale Rescue Dog Training

Bring your rescue dog out of his world and into yours.

Welcoming a bundle of joy disguised as a rescue dog into your abode is akin to embarking on a journey through a maze with no map. These fur-coated mysteries often carry baggage from their less-than-ideal start in life, manifesting as fear-soaked glances, a tendency to react with more gusto than a startled cat, and a trust as fragile as a soap bubble. Navigating the shift to their new slice of paradise in Kerrisdale can be more of a rollercoaster than a serene walk in the park. For the brave soul taking a leap with a rescue dog, those cookie-cutter dog training classes might not be the golden ticket to harmony and understanding. And those dreams of frolicking off-leash with your dog through the lush landscapes of Kerrisdale might need to be shelved. Just for a heartbeat or two.

What Rescue Dog Training Entails

Imagine if you will, the rescue dog as a puzzle that’s missing half the pieces. At Zen Dog Canine Training, we adopt a more tailored suit approach, blending behavioural science with training magic to gently tease out a blossoming confidence as your rescue becomes acclimated to their sparkling new world. The old school “sit-down-stay-come” mantra might just breeze past the real issues of learning and social snafus that need a tender touch first.

For the Kerrisdale rescue dog, we bring the magic to your home, starting with baby steps that lay down the bricks of foundational training and also tune into the emotional frequency of your dog in their new kingdom. These baby steps are the seeds that will grow into a mighty tree of confidence and trust. Together, we’ll craft a world that starts off small and safe, expanding in harmony with your growing bond. We’re here to cheer on and spotlight every tiny triumph on this shared adventure.

For the Kerrisdale Rescue Dog

Our method is like a warm blanket, allowing your dog the space to breathe and settle as they transition into your life, leaving behind the whirlwind of their past lives, especially if they’ve been serenading the moons in a cacophony-filled shelter. Kerrisdale’s beaches, forests, city streets, and parks are a smorgasbord of new sensations. Your role? To not be the overzealous tour guide. Instead, arm yourself with a training plan that’s as thoughtful and progressive as a meticulously planned garden.

We get it, rescue dogs are like books written in a foreign language – full of surprises and moments that leave you scratching your head. Hence, the electric buzz of a group class might just be too much for a dog that’s learning to find their feet. For ALL dogs, a peaceful mind is the fertile ground for learning. For the rescue, we aim to make learning as effortless as catching a falling leaf. Often, the sanctuary of a private setting is where the magic begins.

The Rising Stars Training Course

For the rescue dog, we’ve unfurled the red carpet with Rising Stars, a course tailor-made for your newly adopted treasure. This mini course is your golden key, offering a trio of lessons that bow gracefully to the unique challenges of a dog settling into a new life chapter. Packed to the brim with insights, support, and tips, Rising Stars is your compass through the upcoming months.

How The Dog Training Process Unfolds

Our journey kicks off with a zoom consultation, a cozy chat where all your burning questions and concerns get the spotlight. Here, you’ll be armed with foundational exercises and the first steps towards fostering trust and confidence. We dive into lifestyle and management; the quirks and qualms emerging in the first blush of weeks; the golden threads that weave into building behaviors; and the tapestry of your long-term training aspirations. We muse over physical exercise, enrichment, diet choices, gear (like harnesses, leashes, and long lines), and the art of play with your new companion.

Transitioning to two private lessons held in the sanctuary of your home/neighborhood, we’ll navigate the hurdles and highlight the strengths of your new furry comrade. Each hour-long lesson is a treasure trove of exercises tailored to enrich daily walks and home routines. Throughout this course, your feedback is the melody we dance to, through phone, email, and even video clips of your training escapades or behaviors you wish to decode.

Our Rising Stars program dazzles with training markers, shaping exercises as pillars of confidence, an intro to reinforcement strategies, leash wizardry, and the craft of daily management. Since every dog is a unique constellation, we tailor the exercises just for the two of you, letting your newly adopted star blaze bright in the Kerrisdale sky!

Rescue Dog Training Services in Kerrisdale

Building confidence with gentle first steps