Featured Student: Tess

We are excited to introduce our latest Featured Student: Tess! This puppy is participating in our three month personal coaching program.

We want to take a moment to introduce Tess Kisses: our featured student – and yes, another puppy because January needs the brightness of puppies!

Tess is a Samoyed, born April 15, 2023.  

She is loved by her people in Vancouver and made quite the trek getting to them, travelling first from Alaska and then through Oregon before her arrival in downtown Vancouver.

Tess is truly a show stopper. Apart from her stunning looks she is also incredibly bright. She picks things up with only a handful of repetitions and her focus on her humans is enviable!  

She has a soft spot for crunchy banana chips and loves to run in open fields.  As with all puppies, her humans are focusing on impulse control; Tess particularly loves Susan Garrett’s It’s Yer Choice exercise and how it can apply to all areas of life, giving her the freedom to make choices that empower her.  

It’s been so much fun working with Tess and her dedicated people and watching their development as a team.  

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