Bring your rescue dog out of his world and into yours.

Welcoming a rescue dog into your home opens the door to a lot of uncertainty. The rescue dog might come with a difficult past due to poor socialization, neglect or a troubled learning history. This can translate into fear and anxiety, reactivity and lack of trust, making the transition to his new world challenging.

The rescue dog needs a blended approach with both behavioural and training modalities to gently coax out confidence as he adjusts to his new world. We help you reveal and celebrate those small victories on your emerging journey together.

For the rescue dog we take an in-home approach with small steps. These small steps lead to a bigger and bolder world. Together we will show your new companion a small and safe world that grows alongside his trust.

Our approach respects your dog's need to relax and decompress as he becomes part of his new household, leaving a more chaotic and stress-filled world behind.

The Rescue Dog Coaching Services

Building confidence with gentle first steps