Zen Dog's Commercial Drive Adult Dog Training

Fine tune. Grow. Enrich.
Your Adult Dog in Commercial Drive.

Your adult dog is on a journey of transformation. As you navigate life together, new needs and aspirations bubble up, begging for attention. It’s a ride you might not have anticipated, especially when it comes to dog training classes. Just like our own personal evolution, our canine companions are always growing and adapting. Here at Zen Dog Canine Training, we firmly believe the learning journey is a never-ending road!

Why opt for dog training classes?

Your initial reason for bringing that puppy home, or welcoming a rescue dog into your heart, was to have a furry sidekick for all of life’s adventures. Whether it’s hiking the great outdoors or taking leisurely walks down Commercial Drive, pausing for a cup of joe, or playing fetch by the shore, you dream of seamless social encounters, effortless leash walks, and the ultimate off-leash freedom.

Dog training sessions are a pivotal part of this shared expedition. Our adult dog services are designed to strengthen your team dynamics, equipping you with the knowledge to be the best version of yourself for your furry friend. This journey kicks off with setting clear and achievable goals.

Perhaps there are certain behaviors you wish to tweak. Or maybe you’re yearning for more fun times with your pup, aiming to forge an unbreakable bond. Regardless of your aspirations, we are here to support you through this evolution!

For those in the Commercial Drive vicinity, we’ve got a couple of obedience group courses on offer, along with a monthly social walking club that connects dogs and their humans.

Commercial Drive Dog Training Classes: Level One

Our Level One Life Skills course is the crème de la crème of our foundational obedience training. It blends game-based and obedience-centered activities into the training regime, all under the umbrella of positive reinforcement.

This six-week adventure kicks off with an introductory Zoom class, followed by four outdoor group sessions. These are crucial for mastering the essentials in a spacious setting – exactly where your dog needs to apply these life skills. Our final class is an exciting field trip! We gather in a vibrant urban area to put our learned skills to the test in real-life scenarios.

In Life Skills, we cover a range of topics including management techniques for shaping behavior; the significance of nutrition and wellness; the art of kind leadership; precision in reinforcement strategies; toy play for bonding; engagement games to tackle distractions; calming exercises for indoor and outdoor settings; responsible leash walking; and recall games.

Commercial Drive Dog Training Classes: Level Two

This is our pride and joy! The Skills and Drills class is tailored for our dedicated students who’ve invested countless hours into building a solid foundation with their dogs and are now ready to challenge those skills through advanced exercises. This phase is all about bringing those learned behaviors to a level of fluency and regular practice.

Our Skills and Drills Power Hour is dynamic and exhilarating; it’s all about strengthening the bond between you and your dog, enhancing your handling skills, and refining your dog’s abilities. Expect to return home with a contentedly exhausted pup!

We dive into toy play, mastering stationary behaviors over time, leash handling techniques, recall commands, sophisticated obedience maneuvers, and handling distractions. We’re here to show you the joy in training your dog, and who knows, you might just get hooked!

Commercial Drive Sunday Morning Dog Walking Club

Zen Dog Canine Training brings you a delightful social fix with our monthly Sunday Morning Walking Club. These urban walks offer a structured social setting for dogs and their owners, facilitating safe and parallel on-leash walks. It’s a wonderful opportunity to take a break from the training routine, socialize, and enjoy the company of fellow dog lovers.

Our one-hour group strolls are scheduled once a month, weather permitting, around the Commercial Drive area. Each walk is set in a dog-friendly location that promises an enjoyable outing.

Benefits of Dog Classes

Dogs are natural learners; they thrive on the opportunity to employ their breed-specific instincts in rewarding ways. They seek understanding and belonging. Remember, a dog’s abilities are greatly influenced by our knowledge and guidance. Through education, we can broaden their world, enriching their lives immensely.

We invite you to unlock the full potential of your dog by making the learning process both effective and enjoyable.