Zen Dog's Dunbar-Southlands Adult Dog Training

Fine tune. Grow. Enrich.
Your Adult Dog in Dunbar-Southlands.

Your adult dog is blossoming. As your lives intertwine, new horizons and desires emerge, beckoning for attention, refinement, or enhancement. It’s a journey you might not have pondered deeply until this moment. Just as we navigate our own path of personal growth, our adult dogs are on a perpetual voyage of evolution. At Zen Dog Canine Training, we’re firm believers that the quest for knowledge is infinite!

Why consider dog training classes?

The reason you brought that puppy home or decided to adopt that rescue dog is precisely where you’re at now. You’ve dreamt of having your faithful sidekick accompany you on mountain escapades or casual jaunts through the Dunbar-Southlands neighborhood, pausing for a latte or engaging in a spirited game of fetch by the shoreline. You yearn for those graceful social encounters, the ease of leash-less strolls, and the liberty of off-leash exploration.

Dog training sessions stand as a vital chapter in the epic tale you’re composing with your dog. Our adult dog offerings aim to fortify your partnership, empowering you through education to become the ultimate version of yourself for your cherished canine. This transformation commences with setting clear, attainable objectives.

You might be looking to tweak some of your dog’s behaviors. Or perhaps you’re eager to inject more joy into your shared moments, forging a bond that’s deeply valued.

No matter your aspirations, we’re here to accompany you on this transformative journey!

For the Dunbar-Southlands area, we present two tiers of obedience group classes, alongside a monthly social walking club that connects dogs and their guardians.

Dunbar-Southlands Dog Training Classes: Level One

Our Level One Life Skills course serves as the crown jewel of our foundational obedience training, blending game-based and obedience-focused exercises. All techniques employ positive reinforcement to foster skills in your dog.

This six-week journey kicks off with a Zoom session, followed by four outdoor group lessons, offering ample space for tackling those grand concepts. It’s in these settings that dogs excel and apply their newfound abilities where it counts most. Our final class is an adventurous field trip! We convene in a lively urban locale, putting our skills to the test in a practical environment, showcasing how training transcends to real-life scenarios.

In Life Skills, we delve into management strategies critical for dog behavior; nutritional and wellness insights for mental and physical well-being; compassionate leadership methods ensuring humans navigate the course; reinforcement techniques using markers for precision; toy play to strengthen bonds; engagement strategies for distraction management; calming exercises for indoors and outdoors; responsible leash handling principles; and recall games.

Dunbar-Southlands Dog Training Classes: Level Two

This is the program that fills us with pride! Our Skills and Drills course is a tribute to our students who’ve dedicated countless hours to lay a robust foundation for their dogs and now seek to challenge their prowess through proofing tasks. These exercises aim to generalize learned behaviors, ushering them into a phase of fluency and maintenance.

Our Skills and Drills Power Hour is exhilarating and action-packed; it’s crafted to deepen the human-canine connection, enhance handler insight, and refine dog skills. You and your dog will return home utterly content!

We tackle toy engagement, sustainment in stationary actions, leash competencies, recall commands, sophisticated obedience maneuvers, and an array of distractions from fellow participants. We reveal the sheer delight of training your dog and, much like many of our seasoned clients, you may find yourself never wanting to depart!

Dunbar-Southlands Sunday Morning Dog Walking Club

Zen Dog Canine Training orchestrates a delightful social venture for dogs and their humans through our monthly Sunday Morning Walking Club. These urban expeditions offer dogs and their owners a structured and secure socializing opportunity through parallel on-leash walks. It’s a chance to momentarily step away from training, gather as a community, and engage in social interactions, both human and canine.

Our one-hour group strolls occur monthly, weather permitting, within the Dunbar-Southlands vicinity. Each outing selects a charming, dog-friendly setting ideal for an enjoyable adventure.

Advantages of Dog Classes

Dogs relish in learning. They thrive on the chance to leverage their breed-specific traits to earn rewards and approval; to experience a sense of belonging and comprehension. Dogs are, to some extent, reflections of our knowledge and the manner in which we navigate them through their universe. Through education, the broader your dog’s repertoire of skills, the more expansive their world becomes. And, consequently, the greater the enrichment your dog will savor.

We’re eager for you to unlock the utmost potential of your dog by making the learning process both productive and delightful.