Zen Dog's False Creek Teenage Dog Training

Decode your Teenage Tyrant - in False Creek.

Just as you’re beginning to think you’ve navigated the choppy waters of puppyhood and are sailing into calmer seas, the skies darken, and a new storm brews: adolescence descends upon your peaceful household.

The Adolescent Dog

Suddenly, your once cuddly furball transforms into a lanky, wild creature of the night. You might catch the first glimpses of environmental excitement or reactivity that weren’t there before. Impulse control seems to have jumped ship in exciting situations. And that reliable recall you were so proud of? It’s morphed into an impromptu game of tag. All the wisdom you’ve imparted to your pup is now met with a gaze as vacant as a ghost town.

Yes, welcome to the teenage years!

Indeed, most of us brace ourselves for the puppy phase. We’re mentally prepared for a few sleep-deprived nights, a couple of accidents on the rug, and perhaps a sacrificial shoe or two to the gods of teething. We enroll in puppy classes and devour all the recommended reads. Yet, many are taken by surprise by the whirlwind that is adolescence, striking around the 6 to 8-month mark and lasting up to the age of 2 or 3, breed-dependent.

Adolescent Dog Training Needs Unwrapped

This tumultuous time is often when potential lifelong behavioral challenges take root. Tragically, it’s also when many young dogs find themselves in shelters or with breed-specific rescues. The shift in behavior can seem like a life sentence to unprepared owners. The strategies that worked wonders for a puppy and will eventually suit an adult dog don’t always apply to the teenage terror, who finds themselves in a liminal space between sexual and social maturity.

As part of our array of False Creek dog training services, we’ve concocted a remedy specifically for your rebellious teen. Our course recognizes the unique behavioral tempests of this age. Adolescent dogs are on a quest for independence, often battling with impulse control and fluctuating attention spans. They might hit fear periods or struggle with risk assessment.

Motivation during training might wane, and staying on task becomes a Herculean effort. And, let’s not forget, they require heaps of sleep!

False Creek’s Teenage Tyrant Dog Training Class

Zen Dog Canine Training’s Teenage Tyrants is a bespoke course crafted to ride out the storms of adolescence. We arm you with exercises and tools to navigate this developmental phase. Traditional False Creek dog training classes might not address the unique challenges you’re facing, and a tailored approach can offer the reassurance that this phase, too, shall pass, and calm waters are on the horizon. Teenage Tyrants aims to realign your training compass, ensuring these tempestuous behaviors don’t become permanent fixtures. You might even grow to appreciate this phase as you witness the emergence of your adult dog.

In Teenage Tyrants, your voyage begins with a Zoom session to chart a course towards better management strategies, impulse control, focus exercises, a review of your current training map, and the introduction of games and choice-based training for effective learning. The journey continues with two in-person sessions in your home and neighborhood, honing in on your biggest challenges, whether they’re indoor manners or outdoor distractions—often, they’re intertwined.

What Zen Dog Canine Training Promises You

We’ll navigate how to grant your adolescent the freedom they crave without compromising safety. We’ll guide you in teaching your pup to navigate the world of reinforcement and to make wise choices that respect their growing independence. We’ll show you how to help your dog find their zen and build confidence through body awareness.

Teenage Tyrants is tailored to your dog’s unique needs, keeping you steady when the going gets rough. We’re also here to lend a sympathetic ear; sometimes, just talking things through can make all the difference. Like all our personalized training sessions, we offer comprehensive phone and email support throughout your course. And if you ever feel the need for extra guidance, additional lessons are just a bark away.

Zen Dog Canine Training‘s approach with Teenage Tyrants diverges from traditional obedience training to forge that crucial connection, setting you and your furry friend on a course for smoother sailing ahead.