Zen Dog's Kerrisdale Adult Dog Training

Fine tune. Grow. Enrich. Your Adult Dog in Kerrisdale.

Your adult dog is on a journey of transformation. As you waltz through life side by side, new aspirations and necessities bubble to the surface, beckoning for your attention, a revisit, or perhaps a grand expansion. It’s only now, perhaps, that the idea of what a dog training class can unfurl has pranced into your mind. Much like our own voyage of self-discovery, our adult dog is a canvas of continuous change and growth. At Zen Dog Canine Training, nestled in the heart of Kerrisdale, we believe the quest for knowledge is an endless adventure!

Why opt for dog training classes?

Your journey began the moment you welcomed that fluffy bundle of chaos, or that rescue dog with eyes brimming with stories, into your home. You dreamt of serene walks through the Kerrisdale neighborhood, pausing for a latte or tossing a ball along the shoreline. You yearned for those moments of polite exchanges, those dreamy leash-free strolls, and the liberty to explore the world unfettered.

Dog training classes stand as a beacon on this shared expedition with your furry friend. Our adult dog services are designed to mold you into an unbeatable duo, providing enlightenment so that you can shine as your dog’s guiding star. This odyssey commences with setting clear, attainable goals and gaining a profound understanding of the path ahead.

Whether it’s altering a few comedic yet troublesome behaviors, or simply weaving more joy into your days together, fostering a bond that’s as deep as it is rewarding, our mission is to be co-authors in this chapter of transformation!

For the Kerrisdale realm, we unfurl two tiers of obedience group courses, alongside a monthly social ramble that connects dogs and their humans heart to heart.

Kerrisdale Dog Training Classes: Level One

Our Level One Life Skills course is the crown jewel of our obedience offerings, blending game-based fun with a structured curriculum, all under the banner of positive reinforcement.

This six-week saga opens with a virtual gathering, segueing into four al fresco group sessions where the world is our classroom, providing ample space for grand-scale learning. It’s here, in the great outdoors, that dogs truly thrive and apply their newfound wisdom. The finale? A field trip! We convene in a vibrant urban locale, putting our skills to the test in the theatre of the real world.

In Life Skills, we delve into the art of management, exploring its pivotal role in canine behavior; the pillars of nutrition and wellness for mental and physical vigor; the gentle art of leadership, where you, the human, captain the ship; strategies of reinforcement, marked by clarity and precision; the joy of toy play for deepening bonds; engaging games for distraction dodging; calming exercises for every setting; the poetry of responsible leash walking; and the magic of recall games.

Kerrisdale Dog Training Classes: Level Two

Our pièce de résistance! The Skills and Drills class is a salute to our diligent students, ready to showcase their dog’s foundation through a variety of proofing exercises aimed at generalizing learned behaviors into a symphony of fluency and consistency.

The Skills and Drills Power Hour is a whirlwind of entertainment and growth, designed to fortify the human-canine connection while elevating handler savvy and doggy dexterity. Prepare for a duo worn out by fun!

We’ll immerse ourselves in the world of toy play, the discipline of stationary behaviors, the finesse of leash skills, the thrill of recalls, and a smorgasbord of sophisticated obedience maneuvers amidst a carnival of distractions. We’re here to prove that training your dog is an endless festival of joy and discovery, one that, much like many of our long-standing clients, you may never wish to depart from!

Kerrisdale Sunday Morning Dog Walking Club

Zen Dog Canine Training beckons you and your four-legged companion to our monthly Sunday Morning Walking Club, a social soiree set against the backdrop of Kerrisdale’s charm. These city saunters offer a structured social milieu through on-leash parallel walks, a perfect respite from the rigors of training, inviting both human and hound to mingle and meander as one.

Meeting once a month, come rain or shine, we select a delightful, dog-friendly route that promises good company and great adventures.

The Boons of Dog Classes

Dogs relish the act of learning, the chance to tailor their breed-specific talents for praise and reward; the feeling of belonging, of being seen and understood. Dogs are, in essence, a reflection of our knowledge and how we navigate them through the tapestry of life. Through the lens of education, the broader your dog’s skill set, the wider their world becomes. And with it, a richer, more vibrant tapestry of experiences for you both to