Zen Dog's Kerrisdale Teenage Dog Training

Decode your Teenage Tyrant - in Kerrisdale.

Just as you start to feel the calm after the puppy storm in Kerrisdale, thinking the days of “baby shark” bites and “backyard excavator” antics are behind you, along comes the whirlwind of adolescence. Your once cuddly furball transforms into what could only be described as a “Tasmanian devil on-leash,” leaving you baffled and staring into the eyes of a Teenage Tyrant. Yes, the biting may have subsided, the pee puddles a thing of the past, and a semblance of routine established… and then, boom! Adolescent rebellion hits.

The Adolescent Dog

Suddenly, your pint-sized pal seems to have forgotten all the manners it ever learned, morphing into a gangly creature of pure, unadulterated mischief. You might catch a glimpse of environmental excitement or reactivity that’s new to you. Or perhaps witness a shocking lack of impulse control in energized scenarios, with that once reliable recall now a trigger for a high-speed pursuit. Yes, the lessons you painstakingly taught are now met with a bewildering blank stare. Welcome to the teenage years!

Admittedly, puppyhood comes with its set of expected trials – sleepless nights, chewed-up slippers, and the occasional indoor puddle. Prepared with books and puppy classes, you felt ready. Yet, the tumultuous period between 6 to 8 months and stretching up to 2 or 3 years, depending on the breed, often catches many off guard. This critical stage can set the stage for lifelong behavioral issues, and sadly, it’s also when many young dogs find themselves in shelters.

What The Adolescent Dog’s Training Needs Look Like

Caught in the awkward limbo between puppyhood and adulthood, the adolescent dog battles with independence, impulse control, and fluctuating attention spans. They might grapple with fear, struggle in assessing risks, and show a lack of motivation or focus during training sessions. Not to forget, they require heaps of sleep!

In Kerrisdale, Zen Dog Canine Training steps into this chaotic fray with our Teenage Tyrants course, crafted to navigate and tame these teenage tumults. Unlike typical dog training classes, Teenage Tyrants zeroes in on the unique challenges of this developmental stage, offering personalized strategies and tools to guide your growing pup towards mature doghood.

Kerrisdale’s Teenage Tyrant Dog Training Class

Zen Dog Canine Training’s Teenage Tyrants is a bespoke course tailored to guide you and your pup through these stormy seas. Unlike your standard Kerrisdale dog training class, this private course zeroes in on the unique challenges of adolescence, offering exercises and tools to navigate this developmental whirlwind. With Teenage Tyrants, you’ll discover strategies to adapt your training, ensuring these tumultuous behaviors don’t become permanent fixtures. You might even find joy in this transition, glimpsing the adult dog your puppy is slowly becoming.

Our approach starts with a zoom session, laying the groundwork for better management strategies, impulse control, focus exercises, and integrating games and choice-based learning. Following this, we delve into in-person lessons in your home and neighborhood, tackling the challenges you face, whether it’s outdoors amidst distractions or fostering better behavior indoors.

What Zen Dog Canine Training Will Give You

Our goal is to balance the need for adolescent freedom with safety, guiding your dog towards making wise choices and fostering independence while ensuring they know how to unwind and build confidence through body awareness exercises. Tailoring Teenage Tyrants to your dog’s needs, we promise to keep you on track, even through the roughest patches, offering a listening ear and continuous support via phone and email. Plus, additional lessons are always an option if you need extra help.

Zen Dog Canine Training in Kerrisdale takes a distinctive leap from traditional obedience training, focusing on nurturing that crucial connection between you and your canine companion during their tumultuous teenage phase.