Zen Dog's Kitsilano Adult Dog Training

Fine tune. Grow. Enrich. Your Adult Dog in Kitsilano.

Your adult dog is blossoming. As you navigate life together, new aspirations and needs bubble up to the surface, waiting to be explored and fulfilled. You might only now be discovering the wonders a dog training class can offer. Just like our personal odyssey, our adult dogs are constantly evolving and reshaping. At Zen Dog Canine Training, we see learning as an endless adventure!

Why dive into dog training classes?

The reason you brought that puppy home or welcomed that rescue dog into your life is precisely where you’re at now. You’ve dreamt of those heartwarming moments: trekking up the mountains or meandering down the sidewalks of Kitsilano, pausing for a java fix or tossing a ball on the sandy shores. You yearn for those courteous meet-and-greets, those serene leash walks, and the liberty of off-leash explorations.

Dog training classes can be a pivotal chapter in the journey you embark on with your canine companion. Our adult dog services are here to forge a dynamic duo, offering enlightenment so you can be the hero your dog believes you to be. This quest starts with setting clear, attainable goals.

Whether you’re aiming to tweak some of your dog’s antics or simply wish to inject more joy into your partnership, fostering a bond you’ll treasure forever is what we’re all about.

Whatever your ambitions, we’re excited to be part of your story!

For the Kitsilano area, we offer two tiers of obedience group courses, along with a monthly social walking club that connects dogs and their humans.

Kitsilano Dog Training Classes: Level One

Our Level One Life Skills course is the crown jewel of our basic obedience offerings, blending game-based and obedience-centric activities into the lessons your dog will learn, all under the banner of positive reinforcement.

This six-week saga kicks off with a Zoom gathering, followed by four outdoor group sessions that provide ample space for broad-strokes learning. It’s where dogs shine brightest and where those essential life skills are most needed. Our finale is a field trip! We convene in an engaging urban locale, applying all we’ve learned in a practical setting to demonstrate how our training translates to the real world.

In Life Skills, we delve into management and its pivotal role in dog behavior; nutrition and wellness for a sound mind and body; benevolent leadership to ensure the human remains the captain; reinforcement strategies for clarity and precision; toy play to deepen connections; engagement games to tackle distractions; calming exercises for indoors and out; principles of respectful leash walking; and recall games.

Kitsilano Dog Training Classes: Level Two

This is our pride and joy! Our Skills and Drills class caters to our students who’ve dedicated countless hours to laying a solid foundation with their dogs and are now eager to showcase their prowess through proofing exercises that generalize those learned behaviors into the fluency and maintenance stage of training.

Our Skills and Drills Power Hour is exhilarating and interactive, aimed at cementing the human-dog bond and enhancing both handler savvy and canine capabilities. You and your dog will return home spent!

We tackle toy play, sustained stationary behaviors, leash finesse, recalls, advanced obedience maneuvers, and a plethora of distractions from fellow participants. We reveal the sheer delight dog training can be and, like many of our veteran clients, you might just find it hard to say goodbye!

Kitsilano Sunday Morning Dog Walking Club

Zen Dog Canine Training hosts a delightful social venture for dogs and their owners through our monthly Sunday Morning Walking Club. These urban strolls offer dogs and their humans a safe, structured social setting through on-leash parallel walks. It’s a wonderful opportunity to step away from training, gather as a community, and socialize, enriching both human and canine lives.

Our one-hour group ambles occur once a month, weather permitting, in the Kitsilano area. Each walk takes us to a charming, dog-friendly spot that promises a memorable journey.

Benefits of Dog Classes

Dogs relish learning. They thrive on the chance to channel their breed-specific instincts into earning rewards and praise; feeling a sense of belonging and comprehension. Dogs are, to some extent, reflections of our insight and how we navigate them through their universe. With education, your dog’s world and their enrichment possibilities expand exponentially.

We’re here to unlock the full potential of your dog by making learning a constructive, delightful endeavor.