Decode your Teenage Tyrant.

Adolescence can hit like a bus, leaving a baffled human in its wake. Gone is that adorable puppy and in her place is an emerging teenager no longer recognizable: hormonal, impulsive, reactive, independent and at times anxious or fearful. We demystify this sensitive stage of development and support you through this critical transitional period. Your adult dog is around the corner and, depending on the breed, this could be 2 or 3 years of age!

Like human teenagers, adolescent dogs have more desire and energy to engage with their environment, to explore, to play and to interact. However, they lack the knowledge and life experience to regulate their reactions, making them more prone to conflict than any other age.

For troubled teens who struggle in a group setting, we offer a private course specific to the challenges facing teenage dogs. You will get a broad range of concepts and exercises to help you navigate the year ahead with all its complexities.

For the less feisty, we offer two levels of group obedience classes, helping you stay on track, with maturity as the main focus.