Fine tune. Grow. Enrich. 

Your adult dog is evolving. As you share your life together new things emerge: goals and needs surface that you may want to address, revisit or expand. 

You may want to develop as a team, learning more so that you can be your best self for your best dog.  Perhaps undesirable behaviours have been reinforced and are now a part of her repertoire. 
Or you may simply want to have more fun with your dog, creating a stronger relationship you will cherish.

We want to share in that evolution with you.

Dogs love learning.  They love the opportunity to use their breed-specific genetics to gain reinforcement and praise; the sense of fitting in and being understood.  Dogs are, in part, a product of our knowledge and how we guide them through their world.  Through education, the greater your dog's skill set, the more expansive her world becomes. And the more enrichment she enjoys.

This is where we step in.
For your adult dog we offer two levels of obedience group classes, and a monthly social walking club.
We want you to enjoy the full potential of your dog by making learning both constructive and fun.