Zen Dog's Strathcona Adult Dog Training

Fine tune. Grow. Enrich. Your Adult Dog in Strathcona.

Your adult canine is on a journey of transformation. As you wade through life together, new ambitions and necessities bubble up that may catch your interest for enhancement, reevaluation, or amplification. Until this moment, the concept of a dog training class might have seemed distant. Yet, akin to our personal odyssey, our adult dogs are in a perpetual state of flux and growth. At Zen Dog Canine Training, nestled in the heart of Strathcona, we cherish the belief that learning is an endless adventure.

Why plunge into dog training classes?

Your initial dream of adopting that puppy or rescue dog was fueled by visions of idyllic companionship. You imagined embarking on mountain treks or sauntering through Strathcona’s lanes, pausing for a sip of coffee or engaging in a lively game of fetch by the waterside. You yearn for those moments of polite greetings, effortless leash walks, and the liberty of off-leash exploration.

Dog training classes stand as a beacon on this shared voyage with your canine. Our adult dog services are designed to forge a dynamic duo, enlightening you to become the ideal companion for your furry friend. This transformative journey starts with setting clear, attainable objectives.

Perhaps there are certain dog behaviors you wish to alter. Or maybe, your goal is to inject more joy into your shared experiences, thereby strengthening the bond you treasure.

Whatever your aspirations, we are eager to be part of your story of evolution!

Strathcona Dog Training Classes: Level One

Our Level One Life Skills course is the crown jewel of our basic obedience offerings, blending game-based and obedience-focused tasks into the lessons you’ll impart to your dog, all through the magic of positive reinforcement.

This six-week odyssey kicks off with a Zoom gathering, followed by four outdoor group sessions. The great outdoors provides the perfect classroom, mirroring the environments where those crucial life skills are most needed. The grand finale is a field trip! We convene in an engaging urban locale, putting our training to the test in real-life situations, showcasing the practical application of our techniques.

In Life Skills, we delve into the significance of management in dog behavior; the pillars of nutrition and wellness for mental and physical vitality; the art of compassionate leadership; precision in reinforcement strategies; the joy of toy play; distraction-busting engagement games; calming exercises for indoor and outdoor settings; the essentials of responsible leash manners; and the fun of recall games.

Strathcona Dog Training Classes: Level Two

Our Skills and Drills class is our badge of honor! Tailored for those dedicated students who’ve diligently laid a solid foundation with their dogs and are now ready to elevate their training through proofing exercises. This phase is all about bringing learned behaviors into a state of fluency and ongoing practice.

The Skills and Drills Power Hour is a lively and engaging session aimed at reinforcing the human-canine bond and enhancing both the handler’s knowledge and the dog’s abilities. Expect to return home with a contentedly worn-out pooch!

We focus on toy interaction, maintaining stationary behaviors, refining leash skills, perfecting recalls, advanced obedience maneuvers, and navigating distractions from fellow classmates. Our goal is to reveal the sheer delight of dog training, potentially making it a lifelong pursuit!

Strathcona Sunday Morning Dog Walking Club

Zen Dog Canine Training introduces a delightful social venture for dogs and their humans through our monthly Sunday Morning Walking Club. These city excursions offer a secure and structured social outing via on-leash parallel walks, providing a wonderful opportunity to unwind from training, mingle, and enjoy communal activities.

Our one-hour group walks convene once a month, weather allowing, in various dog-friendly spots around Strathcona, ensuring each stroll is an enjoyable exploration.

Perks of Dog Classes

Dogs are enthusiasts at heart, reveling in the chance to engage their breed-specific instincts for rewards and acknowledgment; the sense of belonging and comprehension. Dogs, to some extent, mirror our own knowledge and how we navigate them through their universe. Through education, we can broaden their horizons, enriching their lives and ours in turn.

We invite you to unlock the full potential of your dog by making the learning process both rewarding and entertaining.