Zen Dog's Yaletown Adult Dog Training

Fine tune. Grow. Enrich. Your Adult Dog in Yaletown.

Your adult dog is on a journey of transformation. As you wander through life together, new aspirations and necessities bubble up that you might find yourself eager to tackle, revisit, or broaden. Until this moment, the thought of what dog training classes could bring to the table might not have crossed your mind. Just like our own voyage of self-discovery, our adult dogs are in a constant state of flux and growth. At Zen Dog Canine Training, we believe the road to learning stretches infinitely ahead!

Why enroll in dog training classes?

The reason you brought that puppy home or welcomed a rescue dog into your life is exactly where you are standing now. You’ve dreamed of having your furry friend by your side on mountain treks or casual walks through the Yaletown neighborhood, pausing for a latte or tossing a ball on the sandy shores. You crave those genteel social encounters, those relaxed leash walks, and the liberty of off-leash adventures.

Dog training classes are a splendid chapter in the epic tale you’re writing with your dog. Our services for adult dogs are designed to strengthen your partnership, offering insights that empower you to be the hero your dog believes you are. This journey starts with setting clear, attainable objectives.

Maybe there are some doggy behaviors you’re itching to tweak. Or perhaps you’re simply yearning for more joyous moments with your dog, forging a bond that’s stronger than ever.

Whatever your ambitions, we’re here to join you on this path of evolution!

Yaletown Dog Training Classes: Level One

Our Level One Life Skills course stands as our flagship level one obedience program, blending game-based fun and obedience-focused activities into the lessons your dog will learn, all through the magic of positive reinforcement.

This six-week adventure kicks off with a Zoom gathering, followed by four outdoor group sessions offering plenty of space for “big picture” learning. It’s in these settings that dogs thrive and apply those crucial life skills. Our final class is an exhilarating field trip! We rendezvous in a vibrant urban spot, putting our training to the test in the real world.

In Life Skills, we dive into management techniques crucial for dog behavior; explore nutrition and wellness for mental and physical vigor; discuss benevolent leadership so you’re confidently captaining the ship; delve into reinforcement strategies for clear communication; champion toy play to deepen your bond; introduce engagement games for those squirrel moments; practice calming exercises for indoor and outdoor serenity; tackle the art of polite leash walking; and play recall games.

Yaletown Dog Training Classes: Level Two

This is our pride and joy! Our Skills and Drills class is a salute to our devoted students who’ve dedicated countless hours to laying a solid foundation with their dogs and are now ready to showcase their prowess. Through a series of proofing exercises, we help generalize those learned behaviors into the fluency and maintenance phase of training.

Our Skills and Drills Power Hour is a thrilling, dynamic session aimed at cementing the human-dog connection, enhancing handler acumen, and refining canine capabilities. Expect to return home with a contentedly exhausted dog!

We focus on toy play, maintaining stationary behaviors, honing leash skills, perfecting recalls, executing advanced obedience maneuvers, and navigating distractions from fellow participants. We reveal the sheer delight of dog training, and much like many of our longtime clients, you might just become a lifelong learner!

Yaletown Sunday Morning Dog Walking Club

Zen Dog Canine Training presents a delightful social venture for dogs and their humans with our monthly Sunday Morning Walking Club. These urban strolls offer dogs and their owners a structured social outing via on-leash parallel walking. It’s a wonderful opportunity to step away from training, gather as a community, and mingle, both people and pups.

Our one-hour group walks occur monthly, weather allowing, in the Yaletown area. Each outing is set in a charming, dog-friendly locale perfect for an engaging expedition.

Benefits of Dog Classes

Dogs are natural scholars, relishing the chance to engage their breed-specific instincts in exchange for rewards and praise; they thrive on feeling integrated and comprehended. Dogs are partly a reflection of our understanding and the manner in which we navigate them through their environment. Through education, your dog’s skill set broadens, their world enlarges, and their life is richer.

We invite you to unlock the full potential of your dog by making the learning journey both enlightening and entertaining.