Zen Dog's Commercial Drive Puppy Training

Turn Chaos into Puppy Perfection - in Commercial Drive.

Embarking on the journey through your puppy’s first year in Commercial Drive might feel like navigating through a whirlwind of baby shark bites, backyard excavations, or even dealing with a Tasmanian devil on a leash. Alternatively, you might find your furry friend a tad overwhelmed by the bustling life on Commercial Drive, hesitant to dive into the urban playground. Particularly in those first few months, it’s a voyage of discovery for both what your puppy needs and the wisdom you must accumulate to cater to your new sidekick.

Indeed, who would have thought that puppies could unravel such complexity?

But fret not! This whirlpool of chaos and uncertainty can morph into a harmonious symphony of puppy perfection. Through mastering essential life skills and absorbing coaching that’s as evolving as your puppy, the initial tumultuous year can actually become a time of enchantment and bonding.

Commercial Drive Puppy Training Classes

And here’s where we swoop in! With our extensive portfolio of private and group puppy training sessions, you’ll snag both perspective and peace of mind, armed with a training strategy that grows with your puppy. This shared adventure should be nothing short of magical for you both.

Understanding your puppy begins with you making the effort to comprehend their world!

View early puppy training as the cornerstone for your future adult dog: the lessons puppies grasp initially tend to stick for life. Through our Commercial Drive Puppy Class ensemble, we’re here to lend a hand from the tender age of 8 weeks right up until the 12-month mark, offering a kaleidoscope of puppy development group classes alongside private sessions. Many of our Commercial Drive puppy parents find a blend of both avenues perfect for addressing personal needs at home while also soaking in the group learning atmosphere.

Zen Dog Canine Training unfurls a vast tapestry of Puppy Training Classes, available as both private coaching and group classes. No matter your experience level, scheduling constraints, or location, we’ve got an array of options to suit every puppy and their human companion. Whether you venture to us or we bring our expertise to your doorstep, support is just a bark away!

Zen Dog Puppy Socialization Classes

Our Puppy Socialization Classes take the form of a seven-lesson Puppy Kindergarten Class, spanning six weeks with a mix of two zoom sessions and five in-store group gatherings. These sessions are designed to tackle the puppy-centric challenges that will help you steer through all of your puppy’s fundamental needs and early education in an engaging and concise manner. From marker training, early socialization, health and wellness, to tackling biting, crate issues, chewing, potty training, toy play, equipment, and other puppy must-knows. We even cover body awareness, grooming, early training exercises – and share the secret to a restful night’s sleep!

As your puppy bids farewell to their socialization period (generally around 16 weeks of age), we’re ready to guide you through the subsequent phases – particularly navigating through the notorious adolescent milestone with its array of challenges (and occasional frustrations). Here, we venture outdoors! Our Zen Puppy Grade One and Zen Puppy Grade Two courses build upon the Kindergarten foundation, transitioning into advanced puppy education aimed at fostering confidence and crafting essential skills for thriving in the real world.

Continued Early Puppy Development Classes

Puppy Grade One zeroes in on early leash manners, managing distractions in the great outdoors, mastering socially adept street greetings, honing that crucial recall for future off-leash adventures, impulse control (for those tempting squirrels, and unattended picnic sandwiches), and fortifying the bond so you remain your puppy’s hero. This course is tailored for puppies teetering on the brink of adolescence.

Puppy Grade Two is crafted specifically for the adolescent pup, adopting a dynamic and game-based approach to fortify your relationship. We delve deeper into choice-based training (exactly what your teenage pup craves) and explore tactics to weather the stormy transition period typically kicking in around the 6 to 8-month mark, breed-dependent. The focus shifts to play and attention games, encouraging your puppy to engage from a distance and dabble in some safely orchestrated independence.

In-home Private Puppy Training Classes

For Commercial Drive residents desiring a more personalized touch, our Zen Puppy Jump Start serves as a condensed variant of our Commercial Drive Puppy Kindergarten Class. Jump Start zeroes in on the core exercises essential for cultivating solid social, leash, and off-leash skills, alongside discussions on all pertinent puppy topics vital for everyday life.

Should you seek puppy training services in Commercial Drive, look no further! We’re dedicated to accommodating your schedule and learning preferences, committed to supporting you and your puppy every step of the way. With over two decades of puppy rearing expertise up our sleeves, we’re eager to sprinkle a little of our Zen Dog magic into your training journey!

Turn Chaos into Puppy Perfection.

The first year comes with many challenges as you take on the task of raising your puppy into a confident and well-socialized adult dog. You might feel like you are dealing with a baby shark; a backyard excavator; or a Tasmanian devil on-leash.

You can turn that chaos into perfection through learning essential life skills that support both you and your puppy through the first critical year. You will gain perspective and reassurance through a training plan that evolves alongside your puppy so you can enjoy this magical time together.

What puppies learn first they learn best. We give you support from 8 weeks through to 12 months with our line-up of puppy development group classes as well as private course options.
We work with your schedule and learning style, and are with you for the long haul. With more than two decades of baby dog experience behind us, we've got your puppy pains covered!