Zen Dog's Downtown  Puppy Training

Turn Chaos into Puppy Perfection - in Downtown.

The inaugural year of puppy parenting is a wild ride, filled with the ups and downs of molding your little bundle of fur into a poised and sociable city dweller. You might find yourself face-to-face with a pint-sized land shark, a miniature excavation expert, or a whirling dervish on a leash. Or perhaps, your furry friend appears a tad overwhelmed by the bustling streets of Downtown, hesitant to dive into the metropolitan lifestyle. The early stages are all about exploration – discovering what ticks for your pup and arming yourself with the knowledge to meet their needs.

Who would have thought puppies could be such intricate beings?

But fear not! This whirlwind of chaos and uncertainty can be sculpted into a masterpiece of puppy grace with the right mix of essential life skills and expert guidance to support both of you through this pivotal first year.

Downtown Puppy Training Classes

Enter our domain! Our comprehensive menu of both private and group puppy training classes is designed to offer perspective and peace of mind, with a training regimen that grows with your puppy. This journey is about mutual understanding – and it begins with you decoding the world from your puppy’s point of view.

Think of early puppy training as laying the foundation for your future companion: the lessons learned early are learned for life. Through our Downtown puppy class offerings, we’re here to back you up from the tender age of 8 weeks through to the celebrated 12-month mark, with an array of puppy development group classes and private sessions. Many of our Downtown clients find a sweet spot in blending home-focused sessions with the dynamic environment of group learning.

Zen Dog Canine Training presents a wide assortment of Puppy Training Classes, available as both private coaching and group classes. No matter your situation, availability, or geographic constraints, we’ve got an option that fits – ready to cater to every puppy’s needs. Whether it’s you coming to us or us bringing our expertise to your doorstep, assistance is just a bark away!

Zen Dog Puppy Socialization Classes

Our Puppy Socialization Classes take shape as a seven-lesson Puppy Kindergarten Class, spanning six weeks with a mix of two virtual sessions and five on-site group gatherings. We dive into the nitty-gritty of puppyhood, covering everything from marker training to early socialization, health and wellness, nipping, crate training, chewing, potty habits, toy interactions, equipment essentials, body awareness, grooming, basic training maneuvers – and the secret to snatching a peaceful night’s sleep!

As your puppy graduates from the socialization phase (usually around 16 weeks old), we’re ready to guide you through the adventurous adolescent stage – along with its unique set of challenges and moments of frustration. This is when we hit the great outdoors! Our Zen Puppy Grade One and Zen Puppy Grade Two courses pick up where Kindergarten left off, transitioning into advanced puppy learning to foster confidence and vital real-world skills.

Continued Early Puppy Development Classes

Puppy Grade One sharpens focus on early leash manners, managing distractions, mastering polite street greetings, perfecting that crucial recall for future off-leash adventures, impulse control (to resist those tempting squirrels and unguarded sandwiches), and fortifying the bond to ensure you remain your puppy’s hero. This course is tailored for puppies on the cusp of adolescence.

Puppy Grade Two zooms in on the adolescent phase, employing a fast-paced, game-centric approach. We delve into choice-based training – a must-have for the teenage pup – and strategize on navigating the tricky transition period that kicks in around the 6 to 8-month mark, breed-dependent. Expect a focus on play and attention games, encouraging your puppy to engage from a distance and explore a dash of safe independence.

In-home Private Puppy Training Classes

For Downtown dwellers seeking a more personalized touch, our Zen Puppy Jump Start offers a condensed take on our Downtown Puppy Kindergarten Class, right in the comfort of your home. Jump Start hones in on essential exercises for developing solid social, leash, and off-leash skills, alongside discussions on all the pivotal puppy topics for everyday life.

If you’re in search of Downtown puppy training solutions, look no further! We’re flexible, tailored to your learning style, and committed for the long haul. With over two decades of puppy-rearing wisdom under our belts, we’re eager to pass on our insights to you!

Turn Chaos into Puppy Perfection.

The first year comes with many challenges as you take on the task of raising your puppy into a confident and well-socialized adult dog. You might feel like you are dealing with a baby shark; a backyard excavator; or a Tasmanian devil on-leash.

You can turn that chaos into perfection through learning essential life skills that support both you and your puppy through the first critical year. You will gain perspective and reassurance through a training plan that evolves alongside your puppy so you can enjoy this magical time together.

What puppies learn first they learn best. We give you support from 8 weeks through to 12 months with our line-up of puppy development group classes as well as private course options.
We work with your schedule and learning style, and are with you for the long haul. With more than two decades of baby dog experience behind us, we've got your puppy pains covered!