Zen Dog's False Creek Puppy Training

Turn Chaos into Puppy Perfection - in False Creek.

The first year introduces a series of trials in False Creek, as you undertake the mission of guiding your puppy into a confident, sociable full-grown dog. You might feel like you’re handling a tiny shark, a garden archaeologist, or a Tasmanian devil on leash. Alternatively, your pup might find the vast world a little intimidating and be hesitant to take part in city life. Especially during the initial months, it’s a time of exploration – figuring out what your puppy needs and what knowledge you need to acquire to cater to your new companion. Puppies can be surprisingly complex, who would have thought?

The silver lining is, you can transform this confusion and uncertainty into a well-behaved doggie delight by learning vital life skills and receiving guidance that will back you both up during this critical first year.

False Creek Puppy Training Classes

This is where we step into the picture! Through our comprehensive selection of private and group puppy training classes, you’ll gain insight and reassurance with a training plan that grows with your puppy – allowing both of you to cherish this enchanting time together.

You need your puppy to comprehend you – and this begins with YOU comprehending your puppy!

Consider early puppy training as a down payment for your future adult dog: what puppies learn first, they learn best, and often for life. Through our False Creek Puppy Class lineup, we’ll provide support from 8 weeks to 12 months with our assortment of puppy development group classes, as well as private course alternatives. Many of our False Creek puppy clients prefer a blend of both, addressing their individual needs at home AND also learning in a group setting.

Zen Dog Canine Training presents a vast range of Puppy Training Classes in the form of private coaching and also in group class format. Regardless of your requirements, experience, time, and travel constraints, we have something for every pet parent – and every puppy. Whether you come to us, or we come to you, assistance is at hand!

Zen Dog Puppy Socialization Classes

Our Puppy Socialization Classes take the form of a seven-lesson Puppy Kindergarten Class, spanning six weeks with two zoom sessions and five in-store group sessions. We tackle the puppy-related topics that will assist you in managing all your puppy’s basic needs and early education in a compact and enjoyable format. We talk about marker training, early socialization, health and wellness, gnawing, crate issues, chewing, toilet training, toy play, equipment, other puppy essentials, body awareness, grooming, initial training exercises – and how to achieve a good night’s rest!

When your puppy socialization period concludes (typically around 16 weeks of age), we’re there to guide you through the next phases – particularly the crucial adolescent milestone with all its challenges (and occasional frustrations). This is when we take it outdoors! Our Zen Puppy Grade One and Zen Puppy Grade Two take over from Kindergarten and we progress into senior puppy education that will foster both confidence and essential real-world skills.

Continued Early Puppy Development Classes

Puppy Grade One concentrates on early leash skills, dealing with distractions in the external world, socially adept street greetings, the all-important recall for a lifetime of off-leash joy (down the line), impulse control (for those annoying squirrels, and sandwiches left on park benches) and relationship building tools so that you are your puppy’s #1. This puppy course is geared towards puppies just before they enter adolescence.

Puppy Grade Two is specifically designed for the adolescent puppy with a fast-paced, highly game-based approach to your relationship. We delve more into choice-based training (as this is what the teenage puppy needs) and discuss tactics to survive the transition period that hits around the 6 to 8 month mark, depending on the breed. We focus more on play and attention games, teaching your puppy to work further away from you and enjoy some safely structured independence.

In-home Private Puppy Training Classes

For False Creek clients wanting a private structure in their home, our Zen Puppy Jump Start is a condensed version of our False Creek Puppy Kindergarten Class. Through Jump Start, we focus on the core exercises needed to develop excellent social, leash and off-leash skills, as well as discussions on all the relevant puppy topics that require consideration in daily life.

If you are in search of False Creek puppy training services, we’ve got you covered! We adapt to your schedule and learning style and are with you for the long haul. With over two decades of puppy experience under our belt, we can’t wait to share our wisdom with you!

Turn Chaos into Puppy Perfection.

The first year comes with many challenges as you take on the task of raising your puppy into a confident and well-socialized adult dog. You might feel like you are dealing with a baby shark; a backyard excavator; or a Tasmanian devil on-leash.

You can turn that chaos into perfection through learning essential life skills that support both you and your puppy through the first critical year. You will gain perspective and reassurance through a training plan that evolves alongside your puppy so you can enjoy this magical time together.

What puppies learn first they learn best. We give you support from 8 weeks through to 12 months with our line-up of puppy development group classes as well as private course options.
We work with your schedule and learning style, and are with you for the long haul. With more than two decades of baby dog experience behind us, we've got your puppy pains covered!