Zen Dog's Point Grey Puppy Training

Turn Chaos into Puppy Perfection - in Point Grey.

Embarking on the journey of raising a puppy in Point Grey comes with its fair share of adventures and misadventures. At times, you may find yourself grappling with a pint-sized piranha, an amateur landscape architect, or a whirlwind of fur and energy on the leash. Alternatively, your pup might display a cautious demeanor, hesitant to dive into the bustling urban life. The initial months are a rollercoaster of learning and understanding – deciphering your puppy’s needs while arming yourself with the essential knowledge to guide your fluffy companion.

Navigating the complexities of puppyhood might seem like decoding an enigma wrapped in a wagging tail.

Yet, there’s a silver lining – transforming the mayhem into a well-mannered canine marvel is entirely possible with the right mix of essential life skills and expert guidance. That first crucial year is a golden opportunity to shape your puppy’s future.

Point Grey Puppy Training Classes

This is our cue to make an entrance! With our extensive suite of both private and group puppy training courses, we offer the perspective and reassurance you need, alongside a flexible training plan that grows with your puppy. This enchanting period is meant to be enjoyed together, after all.

Communication is the cornerstone of your relationship with your puppy, and it begins with understanding each other.

View early puppy training as the groundwork for your future adult dog – the lessons they absorb now are likely to stick for a lifetime. Through our Point Grey Puppy Class offerings, we’re here to support you from 8 weeks to 12 months old, with a diverse array of puppy development group classes and private sessions. Many of our Point Grey clients find a blend of both methods suits their needs perfectly, combining personalized attention at home with the dynamic learning environment of group classes.

Zen Dog Canine Training presents a comprehensive selection of Puppy Training Classes, available both as private coaching and in group settings. No matter your experience level, time constraints, or travel limitations, we have something for everyone – and every puppy. Whether you’re coming to us or we’re coming to your doorstep, rest assured, help is on the way!

Zen Dog Puppy Socialization Classes

Our Puppy Socialization Classes unfold over a seven-lesson Puppy Kindergarten Class, spanning six weeks with two online sessions and five in-store group classes. We tackle the puppy essentials in a concise, engaging manner, covering marker training, early socialization, health and wellness, biting, crate training, chewing, potty training, toy play, equipment, and everything else you’ll need for a well-rounded puppy. Not to mention, we’ll share tips on how to ensure both you and your puppy can enjoy a restful night’s sleep!

As the socialization window draws to a close (typically around 16 weeks), we’re ready to guide you through the subsequent stages, including the pivotal adolescent phase. Expect to face new challenges and some frustrations as we take the training outdoors with our Zen Puppy Grade One and Zen Puppy Grade Two classes, transitioning into advanced puppy education to foster confidence and real-world skills.

Continued Early Puppy Development Classes

Puppy Grade One hones in on early leash manners, navigating distractions, mastering polite street greetings, perfecting that crucial recall command for future off-leash adventures, developing impulse control, and strengthening the bond to ensure you remain your puppy’s beacon in any situation. This class is designed for puppies on the cusp of adolescence.

Puppy Grade Two zeroes in on the adolescent phase with a dynamic, game-based approach tailored to the teenage puppy’s needs. We delve into choice-based training, offering strategies to navigate the tricky transition period that typically hits around the 6 to 8 month mark. The focus shifts towards play and attention exercises, encouraging your puppy to engage in activities further from you and explore a safe level of independence.

In-home Private Puppy Training Classes

For Point Grey residents seeking a more personalized training experience, our Zen Puppy Jump Start offers a condensed version of our Point Grey Puppy Kindergarten Class, right in your home. Jump Start concentrates on the crucial exercises for stellar social, leash, and off-leash skills, alongside discussions on all relevant puppy topics for everyday life.

If Point Grey puppy training services are what you’re after, look no further! We tailor our services to fit your schedule and learning preferences, committing to support you every step of the way. With over two decades of experience in nurturing baby dogs, we’re eager to share our wealth of knowledge with you!

Turn Chaos into Puppy Perfection.

The first year comes with many challenges as you take on the task of raising your puppy into a confident and well-socialized adult dog. You might feel like you are dealing with a baby shark; a backyard excavator; or a Tasmanian devil on-leash.

You can turn that chaos into perfection through learning essential life skills that support both you and your puppy through the first critical year. You will gain perspective and reassurance through a training plan that evolves alongside your puppy so you can enjoy this magical time together.

What puppies learn first they learn best. We give you support from 8 weeks through to 12 months with our line-up of puppy development group classes as well as private course options.
We work with your schedule and learning style, and are with you for the long haul. With more than two decades of baby dog experience behind us, we've got your puppy pains covered!