Zen Dog's Yaletown Puppy Training

Turn Chaos into Puppy Perfection - in Yaletown.

The initial year is packed with hurdles as you embark on the journey of nurturing your puppy into a confident and well-mannered adult dog. It might seem like you’re wrestling with a baby shark; digging trenches with a backyard excavator; or trying to calm a Tasmanian devil on a leash. Alternatively, your puppy might appear a bit daunted by the vastness of the urban landscape, hesitant to dive into the bustling life of Yaletown. Particularly in the first few months, it’s a voyage of discovery for both what your puppy requires and the knowledge you need to amass to cater to your new furry pal.

Isn’t it astonishing how complex puppies can be?

The silver lining? You can morph that whirlwind of uncertainty into a paragon of puppy perfection through mastering essential life skills and securing coaching that bolsters both of you in that pivotal initial year.

Yaletown Puppy Training Classes

Enter our realm! With our comprehensive array of private and group puppy training classes, you’ll gain insights and confidence with a training roadmap that grows with your puppy – allowing you both to revel in this enchanting phase together.

Understanding your puppy starts with you grasping their perspective!

View early puppy training as the cornerstone for your future adult dog: the lessons puppies soak up initially stick with them the strongest, often for life. Through our Yaletown Puppy Class lineup, we’ll be your allies from the tender age of 8 weeks all the way to 12 months with our diverse puppy development group classes, alongside private course offerings. Many of our Yaletown puppy patrons prefer blending both, meeting their unique needs at home WHILE also reaping the benefits of a communal learning environment.

Zen Dog Canine Training brings to the table an extensive suite of Puppy Training Classes, both as private coaching sessions and in group class formats. No matter your requirements, experience level, time constraints, or travel limitations, we’ve got something for everyone – and every puppy. Whether you trek to us, or we journey to you, assistance is at your fingertips!

Zen Dog Puppy Socialization Classes

Our Puppy Socialization Classes unfold over a captivating seven-lesson Puppy Kindergarten Class, spanning six weeks with two zoom sessions and five in-store group classes. We delve into the puppy-centric topics crucial for navigating all your puppy’s foundational needs and early education in a succinct and engaging manner. Topics include marker training, early socialization, health and wellness, biting, crate dilemmas, chewing, potty training, toy play, equipment, and other puppy must-haves, body awareness, grooming, initial training exercises – and the secret to securing a peaceful night’s sleep!

Once the puppy socialization window closes (typically around 16 weeks of age), we’re there to shepherd you through the subsequent phases – especially the crucial adolescent milestone, brimming with challenges (and occasional vexations). This is when we venture outdoors! Our Zen Puppy Grade One and Zen Puppy Grade Two classes build on Kindergarten’s foundation, transitioning to advanced puppy education aimed at fostering confidence and indispensable skills for navigating the real world.

Continued Early Puppy Development Classes

Puppy Grade One hones in on early leash techniques, managing distractions in the outside world, masterful street greetings, the all-important recall for boundless off-leash adventures (in due time), impulse control (for those tempting squirrels, and unattended sandwiches on picnic tables) and tools for becoming your puppy’s hero. This course is tailored for puppies on the cusp of adolescence.

Puppy Grade Two zeroes in on the adolescent puppy with a dynamic, game-based approach to your bond. We delve deeper into choice-based training (as this is what the teenage pup craves) and explore tactics to navigate the transition phase that typically kicks in around the 6 to 8-month mark, breed-dependent. We put a greater emphasis on play and attention games, encouraging your puppy to work from a distance and savor a bit of carefully managed freedom.

In-home Private Puppy Training Classes

For Yaletown clients seeking a more personal touch, our Zen Puppy Jump Start offers a streamlined version of our Yaletown Puppy Kindergarten Class. Jump Start concentrates on the key exercises necessary for cultivating excellent social, leash, and off-leash skills, along with discussions on all pertinent puppy topics that factor into everyday life.

If you’re in search of Yaletown puppy training services, look no further! We adapt to your schedule and learning preferences, committed to supporting you over the long haul. With over two decades of puppy rearing experience under our belts, we’re eager to impart our wisdom to you!

Turn Chaos into Puppy Perfection.

The first year comes with many challenges as you take on the task of raising your puppy into a confident and well-socialized adult dog. You might feel like you are dealing with a baby shark; a backyard excavator; or a Tasmanian devil on-leash.

You can turn that chaos into perfection through learning essential life skills that support both you and your puppy through the first critical year. You will gain perspective and reassurance through a training plan that evolves alongside your puppy so you can enjoy this magical time together.

What puppies learn first they learn best. We give you support from 8 weeks through to 12 months with our line-up of puppy development group classes as well as private course options.
We work with your schedule and learning style, and are with you for the long haul. With more than two decades of baby dog experience behind us, we've got your puppy pains covered!