Zen Puppy Kindergarten

Offered in Kerrisdale at Simply Natural - 5565 West Blvd. Designed for puppies 10 to 16 weeks of age, our Zen Puppy K classes are a great way to get you and your puppy off on the right paw! Using exercises from Dr. Ian Dunbar, Susan Garrett and Brenda Aloff, our action-packed classes will help you put an obedience foundation on your puppy, plus teach him or her proper social skills. play etiquette and handling protocols. Contests and games, tricks and a puppy agility course round out this interactive class. Each lesson is supplemented with handouts and homework sheets for the week and comes with training supplies for your dog. 

Cost is $199+gst for this six week course and comes with a handler's gift bag, filled with treats and training equipment.

Our next class is Wednesday, June 27th at 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  Contact Shannon at 604.812.8802 or for more details.  To register please call Simply Natural - 604.266.1125.


**Because this class has become SO SO SO popular, please phone early to book your spot for the next session!!


Zen Puppy Grade One

Designed to take over where Puppy Kindergarten leaves off, this is your puppy’s next step! Designed for puppies in the 4 to 6 month range, this course is held outdoors in Kits. Puppy Grade One focuses on impulse control, targeting and shaping games, obedience foundation, handling and grooming protocols, and how to play with your puppy in a safe and effective way that builds up a relationship for a lifetime! The course will challenge and push both you and your puppy to grasp important concepts that make everything else easier!  Our Zen Puppy Kindergarten course or two private, one-hour lessons a prerequisite, as this is a level 2 course in our puppy development program.

This five week course is open to seven dog/handler teams and costs $180 +gst. Due to the extreme popularity of this class please register early to avoid disappointment.

Next class date is Saturday July 14th - 9:00 am to 10:00 am.  We will likely be running a Tuesday night class starting July 10th as well (please contact us for details.   Please contact for details.



Level One: Life Skills

Designed for puppies 7 months and up into adulthood.  This course is suitable for all dogs over 7 months who haven't completed our two-course puppy development program.  In this five week course I will teach you the foundation skills that are necessary for progression into our upper level classes and skills that will help you and your dog navigate this crazy urban world.  Student dog teams will work on communication that can be transferred into teaching loose leash walking, duration on stationary beahviours, impulse control and focus work. The class size is small - 7 student teams.  

The next class starts Saturday, June 16th, noon until 1:00 pm. in Kits.  Cost is $180+gst for this five week course.  Please contact for details!


Level Two:  Street Smarts

Street Smarts course is our Level 2 obedience course.   Either our two-course puppy development program, or our Life Skills course is a mandatory pre-requisite.  This course course takes your dog's foundation up a notch! Life Skills is a five week course involving higher level fun and complicated shaping exercises, default behaviours in heel work, duration and stationary behaviours (great for animal husbandry care), teaching "yes" behaviours for daily tasks our dogs must do, and some classical obedience exercises mixed in for a challenge.  The goal is to prepare you for my fast-paced and uber challenging Nuts and Bolts course. 

We are currently working out a start date for our summer class.   Please contact for details.


Level Three:  Nuts and Bolts - Proofing and advanced handler skills

All training is built upon foundational obedience exercises. These can take months to master but are essential to daily life with our dogs and compliment our aspirations to try more challenging training endeavours. .

This Level Two intermediate course focuses on strengthening your dog's foundation skills and improving social manners.  Designed for dogs 9 months of age and older.  The course runs in four week blocks with emphasis placed on loose leash walking, bomb proof sits and downs, learning tricks that condition and strengthen, and teaching all of these exercises under higher levels of energy and with various distractions. Students must bring a regular collar, six foot leash, toy and soft treats to class. Our Street Smarts course is a mandatory pre-requisite for this course.  We keep the price lower on this course to encourage continued participation and also because the class size is larger.

Cost is $80.00+gst for this four week course.  

Next set of classes starts Saturday, July 7th, 10:30 - 11:30 am.  Please email for complete details.


Out And About:  Everyday street obedience

For dogs easily aroused in busy environments, this "field trip" class will help you take to the streets and try more challenging situations with your dog.  Think of it as a weekly dog field trip, a practical real-life obedience class!  Class runs Saturday mornings.  Each week the location changes within Vancouver to provide new challenges and distractions.  All dogs MUST have basic obedience or Growl instruction 

Cost is $140+gst for this four week course. 
Next set starts June 9th,11:00 am to noon.  Please email for more details.




Growl: For fearful and reactive dogs

For dogs reactive to their environment! This course is designed for dogs struggling with aggression issues, either towards other dogs or humans; or dogs who have a difficult time remaining calm under distractions. Emphasis is on calming and re-connecting protocols developed by both Brenda Aloff and Leslie McDevitt. Clients first start with a behavoiural consult to assess and begin a specific training program.  Depending on the severity of the issues, one or two single hour follow-up private lessons are scheduled  to improve handling skills and to implement new behaviours that encourage dogs to remain "sub-threshold" when encountering other dogs, people or situations. Upon completion of the private work, clients then move into the Growl group class, designed to promote these calm and neutral behaviours toward other dogs, people and situations in a safe and structured environment. The Growl group course runs continuously in five-week sets. 


The next set of Growl Group classes start date will be July 21st 10:30 am to 11:30am. We are currently assembly a student list. Cost is $180+gst for the five week course   Private lessons must be completed before joining this group class. Contact Shannon at 604.812.8802 or to register.





 Let Us Train Your Dog!

In this program I pick up your dog and take him/her out for a private training walk.  Excellent for people with busy schedules or owners struggling with behavioural issues, Day Training can give your dog a specialized walking AND learning session.

**Reactive Rover - This behavioural modification program is designed for dogs who have reactivity issues to triggers in their environment such as passing dogs or people.  This program is not for human aggressive dogs.
Clients purchase either a week, two-week, or month-long program that consists of three walks: two where I take the client's dog out individually and a third lesson with the client.  In this program I implement: effective management strategies;  practical obedience: arousal protocols, and critical behavioural modification exercises.  This specialized program is designed to teach the dog alternate ways of coping with stress and learning to stay sub-threshhold and neutral to the environment.
Each week consists of two 50 minute training sessions where I work with your dog privately, and a third 70 minute session where I work with you and your dog to transfer the skills taught that week and go over other specific exercises and lifestyle changes that will contribute to your dog's wellness. In many cases some of the work might involve training indoors and discussion about other areas that compliment the behavioural modification protocol.
1 week program (3 private sessions) is $300 + gst; 2 weeks (6 private sessions) is $570 + gst; 3 weeks (9 private sessioins) is $840 + gst.



Single Training Sessions and Behaviour Consultations

Individual training classes tailored to your needs, or in-home behavioural consultations for specific problems are available upon request.  We come to you and work in the comfort of your home and/or neighbourhood.  All sessions come with phone and email follow-up and specific exercises, lifestyle adjustments and behavioural modification protocols.

An initial, in-home behaviour consultation is $190+gst for 1.5 hours.  Hourly training sessions are $110+gst.   Packages of four hourly sessions available for $400+gst.

There is a $25 charge for client visits outside of Vancouver.   Please contact us for details.


Phone Consultations

For specific issues and advice not requiring a personal visit or group class time, a phone consultation can be arranged upon request.

Phone consults can be purchased in half hourly or hourly time blocks: $50+gst/half hour and $80+gst for a full hour.

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