Obedience allows the dog to transcend instinct. It gives him life skills to draw upon in dealing with the pressures of daily urban life. Its consistent practice creates an enviable bond between dog and person, instills confidence in both, and provides fantastic enrichment. Our obedience classes go past sit-down-stay-come and incorporate concepts that build impulse control and critical thinking when aroused, an understanding of shaping behaviours, improve handler skills, foster better toy play and are all-around general good fun!



Designed for older puppies and adult dogs.  This course is suitable for dogs over 7 months of age who have not completed our two-course puppy development program.  Life Skills will teach you the foundation skills necessary for progression into our upper level classes as well as skills that will help you and your dog navigate day to day challenges.  Student/dog teams will work on loose leash walking, duration on stationary behaviours, impulse control, toy play, tricks and focus work.

The next course September 7th, 12:00 to 1:00 pm.
This five-week course is limited to a small group of dog/student teams and is held outdoors in Kitsilano.  
Cost is $200+gst
Restricted to non-reactive dogs older than seven months.  
Please contact k9@zendogtraining.com to register.

** We offer a private-study version of our Level One course that can be held in the comfort of your home and with your own schedule, giving you individual attention to our instruction on all the skills covered in the group classes. The course offers four one-hour lessons. Cost is $400+gst.


In this mid-level obedience class there is greater emphasis on handling, advanced toy/play skills, formal obedience exercises and group exercises that replicate daily encounters. We continue to work on loose leash walking, duration on stationary behaviours and relaxation in a distracted environment.

The next course starts September 7th, 1:15 pm to 2:15 pm.
This five-week course is held outdoors in Kitsilano.  
Cost is $180+gst
Either our two-course puppy development program, the Life Skills course, or private lessons are a mandatory pre-requisite.  
Please contact us at k9@zendogtraining.com to register.

NUTS AND BOLTS - Proofing and Drills!

This challenging course allows the handler and dog an affordable class to practice their upper-level obedience and handling skills in a highly dynamic weekly group environment.  In this course we refine the exercises taught in the lower level courses. Many of our students attend this class regularly and represent a wonderful dog community filled with amazingly skilled dogs and truly great human handlers!  The structure and pricing of this course encourages ongoing training

The next course starts September 7, 10:30 am to 11:30 am.

This four week group class also allows for drop-ins!  
Cost is $80+gst for the full four weeks or $25+gst for a single class.  
Street Smarts is a requirement to attend this class.
Please contact us at k9@zendogtraining.com to register.


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