Shannon Malmberg is the creative force behind Zen Dog Canine Training and its training director. When not teaching and running her company, Shannon is involved in competitive sport with her personal dogs.  Her current sport dog, Mila von Grunheide, holds 20 performance titles to date including Master Obedience Trial Champion, Agility Trial Champion, BC/Yukon Regional Agility Champion and taking #1 German Shepherd in Canada in CKC Competitive Obedience.  Mila is also a titled tracking dog.

Shannon began her journey with dogs in 1990 by volunteering for Project Safe Run while attending the University of Oregon in Eugene.  She worked for the Vancouver Police Dog Squad from 1992 until 2001 as one of their top decoys, assisting in protection work and tracking.  She attended an intensive three-week trainer certification school in 2005 in the United States.

Today she keeps current on her education by attending a number of seminars each year by top level trainers and teachers including: IPO- Mia Skogster, Peter Scherk;  Tracking - Bernd Fory,  Melanie Kruger; Canine Conditioning - Dr Chris Zink, Nicola Way,Diamond Ruman; Competitive Obedience - Pat Cook, Sylvia Bishop, Bridget Carlsen, Bobbi Anderson, Gina Pink, Denise Fenzi, Janice Gunn; Behavioural - Brenda Aloff, Dr Patricia McConnell; Agility - Susan Garrett, Justine Davenport, on-line course work with Sylvia Trkman, Nicki Gurr; Anne Lenz, Shauna Oliver, Justine Davenport, and on-going classes with Lisa Sun.



Christine Harris’ introduction into dog training was ignited by her first dog – a little rescue in South Africa who came into Christine's life when she was five.  But it was through Lucy, her first German Shepherd, when Christine was introduced to all the challenges that came with training an independent dog.  She found Zen Dog and Shannon, and was introduced to the world of competition obedience and what building a relationship with a dog truly meant.
Christine became more serious about dog training when she brought home a German Shepherd puppy, O-Inga von der Sinburg. Little did she know the path down which Inga would lead her!   Their journey together has brought them to the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy where they’ve taken many courses in obedience, shaping, tracking, and behaviour.  It has also taken them onto the IPO competition field, where Inga received her IPO BH in March 2016, and to the CKC obedience ring where Inga earned two legs of her Companion Dog (CD) the following weekend.  This is no doubt just the beginning of a fun competition career together.
In her pursuit of knowledge about the sport of IPO, Christine’s been fortunate to attend a number of seminars given by some of the top trainers and competitors in the USA and Europe in their field.   Her more formal dog training education began in 2016, when she successfully completed the Dog Trainer Foundations course offered by the Karen Pryor Academy as a precursor to her acceptance into their Dog Trainer Professional program.  We are delighted to have Christine join our teach and bring her talents to the varied and fun classes she offers our clients.

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